Why is English Football the Best in the World?

Football is the most popular sport in the entire world, and some of that can be attributed to the success of English football. What is it about football here that makes it some of the best in the world? Let’s take a closer look.

A Long History

One of the best things about English football is the wonderful history that has grown up here. This country is home to some of the oldest football clubs in the world, and many people all around the planet choose to support them as they are world-famous.

There is a good chance that many Brits will have engaged in a casual kickabout at some point in their lives. Many of us have played football with our friends after school or during lunchtime, and we may have even gone to play as part of a local kid’s team. There is a real love of football that is built into the heart of the British people and that can carry through for most of our lives.

Good Coverage

Many people know what is happening in the British clubs simply because of the level of coverage that these leagues get. The top teams and leagues are always covered by some of the best sports reporters in the country. However, this coverage can also stretch all the way down to the bottom levels of interest.

From checking out the odds at an online casino to listening to football-related podcasts or live games on the radio, there is always some form of media that people can pull on to find information about English football. Even small, local newspapers usually have a sports section. This can have pieces about the big teams if one is located in the coverage area of the newspaper, but it is also frequently used to highlight what small local teams are achieving as well. From youth teams to adult amateur teams, everyone will receive some form of coverage.


As football is one of the biggest sports in the UK, it is also understandable that they receive a massive amount of funding for their efforts too. The football academies around the UK are some of the best in the world and they help to ensure that many promising children are able to receive the training they need to further a professional career and get a good education at the same time.

On top of this, many come from all over the world to play for these teams. English teams are filled with international players, allowing the league matches to be played with some of the top teams in the world, showcasing football at its very best.

It is clear to anyone that English football is among the best because of the love that gets poured into it by fans, players and commentators alike. If you want to see what global-level football looks like, all you need to do is head online to find an old match. There are so many from the English Premier League alone that you could watch!