Which Premier League Trends Will Emerge in 2020/21?

It isn’t easy to imagine the premier league without stadiums packed full of fans frothing for action. The stadiums may be quiet, but the quality of football is riveting. The Clubs and players have started the 2020/21 Premier League season in top-notch fashion.

It may still be early days for this season, with only a few weeks of matches played so far, but there have already been goals aplenty. Our guest expert, Samuel Richardson, has analysed all the action so far this season. He’ll talk about developments and give some Premier League predictions for the trends of 2020/21.

So, when you do not want to play casino games, be sure to check out these football trends. There are some attractive odds and of course, many games still to go.

Transfer Season

Transfers are an integral part of the Premier League season. The 2020/21 summer window should have begun on June 10, running until September 1. But, because of the pandemic, it opened on July 27 and ended October 5, 2020. These are a few of the transfers you should be keeping an eye on:

The Best Transfers of the Season

· Timo Werner for Chelsea. He looks to be a solid bet. If Werner can perform in the same way as for Leipzig, the £47 million price tag is a real bargain. Liverpool may regret letting this player go.

· Kai Havertz, also for Chelsea. He is a player with immense potential, perhaps to be the best in the world. He has the correct set of attributes to adapt flawlessly to English football.

· Mohammed Salisu for Southampton. The club acquired this transfer for £12 million. The Ghanaian hasn’t seen much match time yet, but this transfer is a genius move by Southampton. They view the 21-year-old as a long-term investment, and we’re sure you’ll see great things from him.

· Adam Lallana for Brighton. He has a wealth of experience as an ex-England international, Premier League title winner, and Champions League veteran. His skill and expertise should keep Brighton from relegation.

Our verdict: Timo Werner is our pick for the best transfer of the season.

The Transfer Flops of the Season

· Thiago Silva for Chelsea. He’s a great and likeable player, but it might not work for him to be in a side where Frank Lampard does not protect the back four.

· Rodrigo for Leeds United. He’s moved from Valencia to Leeds, coming with a price tag of £26 million. He only found the back of the net four times in 23 matches in La Liga’s last season. So, he’s a shaky prospect.

· James Rodriguez for Everton. We’d love to see this transfer be a success, especially after his goal-scoring blitz at the 2014 world cup. It’s such a pity that his form hasn’t held up since then. And, now with neither Bayern Munich nor Real Madrid keen to keep him, this move by Everton could easily go wrong.

Our verdict: James Rodriguez is our pick for the most likely transfer flop.

The Top Picks

Studying the trends so far, we’re able to make our predictions for the top clubs this season. If you’re ready to start placing wagers on a few teams, consider these:

  1. Liverpool
  2. Chelsea
  3. Man City
  4. Tottenham
  5. Manchester United

Our prediction: Liverpool may stand a chance at remaining the champs for the English Premier League.

While we’ve compiled our list based on expert analysis of various trends and conditions, you should remember that our selection is purely subjective. It’s best to do some homework before placing wagers.

Final Thought

And there you have it, a few of our predictions based on recent trends. If you’re placing wagers, ensure that you’re mindful of the effects of gambling. Do your research before making your informed selections.