Where do Fans Get Football Tickets? FanSeats

For fans of the biggest football teams in England will understand, whenever there is a game that is sold-out, acquiring tickets can be a difficult task. Fans have to scour the internet and social media to find somebody who is selling tickets for the match.

Football Ticket Prices

The Football Association (FA) has been heavily criticized over several seasons for letting the prices of tickets increase to a level which keeps many low-income families from attending the matches they once did. With this there has been pressure to look into this matter and the Premier League this season imposed a maximum £30 limit on tickets for away fans which was seen as a major accomplishment for the fans. Whilst there is no cap on ticket prices for home fans, this limit is widely viewed as a great way for the FA to demonstrate that it is not focused purely on the financial gains.

Through these difficulties, the team at Fan Seats decided to create a safe online marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets. With full safety and trust at the top of mind, the FanSeats platform is already a success with fans around the UK and abroad.

We specialise in UK football tickets for the fans, with this our website is open to fans of the Premier League, FA Cup and EFL from around the world. We understand the difficulty in purchasing safe match tickets hence why we created FanSeats.co.uk.

The website already has interest from Liverpool fans in Hong Kong and Manchester United fans in Ireland buying and creating sales for their favourite teams. The website based in Manchester offers the lowest prices for the top 5 teams:

Manchester United




Tottenham Hotspur

Getting Tickets for Cup Finals

Your team has just qualified for the cup final, the FA Cup, EFL Champions League, it doesn’t really matter but you want to go so bad that you contact the official club. However due to demand the tickets are sold-out in a flash. This is when you visit Fan Seats UK and look for the cup final tickets you have been desperately trying to find. Order your seats, most finals are held at Wembley for English Football.

Outside Stadiums

Getting tickets to matches outside stadiums has always been known to be a risky business. It is important however for people to understand that most tickets sold outside are genuine and risk free, however there are on occasions when this is not recommended.

Official Box Office

Each Premier League club has it’s own unique way of selling tickets, so much so that it is difficult to write about each team and be constantly up to date. The recommended choice is to spend time reading and researching your football team to understand the best ways to go ahead. Manchester United and Liverpool for example are teams of similar fan bases and capacities yet Liverpool operate more on a loyalty driven membership system as opposed to Man United.

Other Options Available

There are other options open to football fans with the main one being the Fan Seats website. The website guarantees all orders and offers price matches on the major teams. The increase in the viewers of the top league in the world is now at it’s highest ever, with millions watching each week.

We are always looking to hear your comments and feedback on our reports and stories, especially with regards to football tickets.


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