What Next for Manchester United

Whilst many fans were skeptical about the deal that brought former Arsenal player Alexi Sanchez to the club, after the performance on Friday albeit against Yoevil Town any doubts the fans had were quickly squashed.

Manchester United have gone out and purchased one of the best players in the world on a free deal. The swap between players has partly funded the deal.

Make no mistakes about this, if Manchester United want to catch league leaders Manchester City then they have to go and invest in players, just like they have done. The last thing that any football fan wants is for one particular team to win everything and do so with relative ease. Man City, under Pep Guardiola are going from strength to strength and with this the club of United had to act. With this signing this brings them another world class player to compete for the club.

We are looking forward to the upcoming season and in particular the Manchester Derby which takes place in April. Let’s hope we get a good finish and it be closer than is currently the case.

Both Manchester United and  Manchester City are still in the FA Cup and will hope to progress further after the draw is made after the round.

The deal made Alexis Sanchez one of the top 10 most expensive players for wages in the world.