What is the future of gaming and e-sports?

Gaming and e-sports are expected to be two of the fastest-growing industries in the coming years. Just as they have been for the last few decades. All of this is fueled by an ever-increasing number of gamers, followers, and new additions in videogames titles. Plus consoles that keep one-upping each other for a bigger share of the market. So, where is the future of gaming and e-sports heading?

Let’s start by setting the difference between the two terms. Gaming refers to playing videogames in whatever format or console you prefer and e-sports is the gaming competition born from the most popular game titles. Anyone can be a gamer but few are considered e-sports athletes.

Celebrity status

One of the biggest changes you can already see in the gaming and e-sports scene is that the biggest players are gaining celebrity-like status. The top figures in the most popular competitions are treated like Football stars or celebrities. Mostly because of the increased level

of media attention, they are getting and new publicity mediums like Twitch.

More tournaments

As the industry grows so will the amount of e-sports tournaments that are held. There are probably going to be new tournaments that start popping up with different games becoming more attractive.

There are already a few titles that are gaining more followers and fans. So, the inclusion of new games in competition or the formation of a new tournament is not far.

Bigger and better online games

The bigger the scene gets the better the games are going to be. Just take a look at kaszinó to see how much the technology and the growth of the gaming industry have affected the business. Classic traditional games have been improved and revamped to become more attractive and offer higher quality entertainment to players.

More mainstream exposure

One of the biggest goals for e-sports is getting to the mainstream air time and it’s not far from achieving it. Having an e-sports tournament played live on a major TV network in a country like the US or UK will be a notable sports milestone. Considering the size of the industry alone it’s possibilities, this will happen in the next 5 years, so stay tuned for it.

Demand for creativity

As the gaming and e-sports industry grows, the demand for creativity will increase as well. What to expect? Adaptability, like the one slot creators showed when modifying the classic game with themes inspired by Book of Dead and other adventures. Game creators are going to need to pull out newer and more exciting stories. As well as, adding new tech innovations like virtual reality and augmented reality.

It’s going to be fun!

If one thing is certain for the future of gaming and e-sports is that it’s going to be a fun ride with the gamers at the very center. As long as the industry heads remember the principal goal of keeping the gamers entertained it’s all going to be good fun!