What Are The Odds Of Jose Mourinho Being Spurs Manager In Jan 2021?

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Jose Mourinho has been there, won that, and then moved on. His greatest successes have been his against-the-odds wins at Porto and Inter Milan. But while he’ll fancy his chances of succeeding at Spurs, history, and present-day reality may disagree.

We’ve looked at the odds of Jose Mourinho still being in charge of Spurs in Jan 2021. How do they look? You’ll have to read and see.

Sports betting sites don’t fancy Jose’s title chances

It seems unfair to use Spurs’ title odds to assess Jose’s job prospects. Unfair until you consider these two crucial details.

Firstly, it’s a trophy and Jose was brought to Spurs with a simple remit – to win trophies and get the club back into the top four.

Secondly, Jose believes himself to be the best manager in the world. If he doesn’t aim to mount a challenge for the league at Spurs then he’s not as good as he thinks he is.

Unfortunately for him, the bookies don’t fancy his chances of winning the title next season.

Sports betting sites like Coral Casino don’t just think he’s unlikely to win the title, they think he won’t get close to it nor even make it into the Champions League. As you’ll learn from this review from OnlineCasinos.co.uk, Coral Casino is one of the most respected sports betting sites there is. So it’s odds have authority and this means both Spurs and Jose should be seriously concerned about his ability to deliver on his job remit.

Mourinho hasn’t won Spurs’ fans over to his style

Mourinho has a reputation for being one of football’s roundheads. His concern isn’t without providing fans with entertaining football, simply with winning.

His turgid football was previously countered by his success and charisma. Unfortunately for Mourinho, either of these things seems to be in great supply at Spurs.

He began his tenure with personality niceties and trophy promises. But he’s publicly criticised his players, offered only fleeting warmth to the Spurs fans, and looked some way off molding Spurs into trophy contenders.

And some of the football has been awful.

Many of Mourinho’s games have seen Spurs’ focussed honed in on not losing, playing passively and without any real zest until the last ten minutes of the game.

The one-time special one has offered excuses aplenty for this.

The problem is that few have washed and Spurs fans (many of which were, at best, sceptical about his appointment) have voiced their displeasure on social media, as outlined by the Express. It’s not the support Mouhrino needs to keep his job.

The odds of Jose making it to 2021 don’t look great

Unless you’re Jose, there’s a pretty good chance you’d judge his performance so far as being below the standard you’d expect of a manager of his salary and self-belief. Indeed, there’s been real cause for concern with what’s been seen so far.

It’s not that the results have been awful. Jose has accumulated a decent number of points. It’s that Spurs have so often looked aimless and ambitionless.

This brings us to Daniel Levy.

Levy has held a torch for Jose since he was first sacked by Chelsea. And the speed with which Mourinho replaced Mauricio Pochettino suggests that Levy planned the managerial change while Poch was still in charge.

This is something Spurs fans are and were no doubt aware of. It ramps up the pressure on both Levy and Jose for this appointment to succeed, meaning the team needs to do well and fast.

Given what’s happened so far, Jose needs a great start to the 2020/21 season. We’ve already seen that the bookies think he won’t have a great end to the season and this makes it unlikely the start will be better.

This is why sports betting sites are already looking at who might replace Jose. As you’ll learn from this overview by PaddyPower.com, Eddie Howe is at short odds to replace Jose. It’s not a situation that breeds confidence in Jose holding onto his job until Jan 2021.

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The beauty of football is that it’s unpredictable.

Few would have bet on Spurs reaching the Champions League final in 2019, but they did and they were unfortunate to lose out to Liverpool.

But present-day Jose Mourinho is tediously predictable.

He joins a club, turns people against him, and is sacked. It’s how it went at Chelsea and Man Utd and it seems inevitable that the same will happen at Spurs.

And with Jose failing to show that he’ll have the transformative effect at Tottenham that circumstances dictate to be a necessity, the odds of him being Spurs manager in 2021 really aren’t great.