The Top 4 World’s Best Sports Stadiums

The following stadiums are some of the best and most historic soccer stadiums in the world. We highly recommend any sports fans, particular football fans to visit these stadiums and enjoy a football game. Whilst Europe is home to the best soccer stadiums, the US makes the list for one particular American football venue.

1. Anfield, Liverpool, England

Anfield stadium in Liverpool, England is home to the world famous Liverpool Football Club, and is somewhat of a mecca for football fans. Constructed in 1884 Anfield is one of the most iconic stadiums in the world with the KOP Grandstand among the most well-known stands in football. The stadium has undergone several modern upgrades, making it more comfortable for fans whilst still keeping its great atmosphere. If you are in Liverpool then is a must see attraction

2. Old Trafford, Manchester, England

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Only 40 miles east of Anfield is one of the England’s jewels of sport – Old Trafford stadium, home of the biggest football teams on the planet Manchester United. With a capacity of over 77,000 fans the stadium is always full with a great atmosphere for the major matches against rival teams. The biggest matches at the stadium are against local rivals Manchester City and Liverpool fc

3. San Siro, Milan, Italy


If you want to visit a beautiful city and enjoy a game at one of the best stadiums in world football then Milan should be your destination for the San Siro stadium. The San Siro is home to two amazing and worldwide favourite football teams of AC Milan and Inter Milan and holds over 80,000 people. Finished in 1925, for a long time this stadium was loved by many, but it got into a real spot during 1990’s World Cup games which were hosted here. The San Siro is not only appealing to football fans but is great for architecture lovers as well.

4. Bryant-Denny Stadium, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

The USA also has a particular stadium that is recommended to visit. Well, maybe not that football we are used to. The home to Alabama’s university’s football team which got a reputation of being legendary, this 1929-built stadium is a town celebrity. Not only it witnessed more than 200 home wins by local Crimson Tide football team, but it also hosts national football championship games as well.

Where do you think are other old and glorious football stadiums around the world which are worth visiting? Share us on Social Media and let us know your thoughts. All these stadiums are great to see and experience on a match day. We recommend you to book hotels with travel website Travel Ticker!