The reach of the English Premier League

Viewers of the Premier League have now reached record level with millions of fans from around the world watching live games. This increase in demand for live streams has resulted in Premier League now receiving more money than ever.

On average, every Premier League game has a global audience of over 12 million people.

Whilst this is a great for the League, this has resulted in higher player wages and transfer prices. Paul Pogba recently joined Manchester United for a reported 100 million euros, making him the richest player ever in the world.

Wherever you go in the world you will now see how English football has taken over and is the biggest watched sporting programmes on television, passing any other sport.

Critics have stated that with rising ticket prices, salaries and transfers this could result in major problems if the level of interest ever decreases. Whilst there is certainly no sign of that happening any time soon it is argued that regulation is required in order to evade any financial problems in the future.
Premier League teams are receiving more money than ever, therefore the primary aim of many teams is to first ensure survival and not be relegated. With this, the teams are investing heavily in players which might not be sound investments. The Premier League has tried to stop problems for these clubs in the future by ensuring that even if a club is relegated they receive money the years following.revenue premier league

This however can only go so far, critics argue there should be preventive methods in place such as salary caps etc.

This year major casino and gambling websites have started to invest heavily in the teams with this industry increasing it’s presence in the market. For pokies then is a growing website, increasing traffic and players every year.
UEFA has introduced some rules in which the basics are that teams must have a higher income than that of their expenses, this effective for the small teams but for those teams who have the investment to create revenue , do so without problem. Manchester City are the best known example of this blatant disregard for the rule by creating overpriced sponsorship deals from the same companies which the investors own, Etihad.

This season the Premier League will this season break all records for viewing numbers  with an estimated 930 million fans watching the games during the 10 month period.

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