The Best And Worst Arsenal Player Deals Ever

The football market can bring news that could turn out to be one of the best and worst announcements any football fans can hear, from the delight of keeping your star player to the heartbreak of getting outbid for another, player deals have an enormous effect on the club and its fans.

So, what makes a good deal

  • Great talent
  • Keeping to your budget
  • Filling a position you needed
  • A player that’s wanted by Arsenal fans, manager, and squad

On the other hand, a bad deal goes like this

  • Underperforming talent
  • Overpriced players
  • Having too many of one type of player
  • The negative response from the stands and the bench

Here’s Arsenals track record with some of its best and worst players deals:

Best- Nikolas Anelka

One of the crowning jewels of Arsène Wenger’s singing ever, he is the prime example of the coaches’ superb eye for talent, getting the young player in while he was still cheap, he wound up selling trading for a very good price for Arsenal’s gain.

Anelka was in Arsenal for just two short years, but in that time he helped the team win the Double, scored in an FA Cup Final, won accolades, and multiplied his value by more than 40 times the original number.

Worst – Andrey Arshavin

After a standout performance in the 2008 Eurocup, Andrey Arshavin became Arsenals’ first big singing, with a record-breaking fee for the club, and everything seemed to be set up for him to turn into the clubs brightest star, yet didn’t pan out that way.

He had an amazing first year with the club, including an impressive four-goal at Anfield, and runner up for the player of the season, yet some wired must have crossed the for the little Russian after that.

Some are divided on whether it was his own lack of motivation or Wegner not allowing him to play in his best position, yet he did not recover and left the club with a sour aftertaste.

Best – Thierry Henry

Henry was coincidentally hired to replace another name on this list, Anelka. With those big shoes to fill the young player could have been destined to fail, yet he proved his worth and beyond.

If you know the game of football or any game, you would want someone like Henry, he is the top of the line just like when it comes to playing satisfaction. Although at first, it seemed like he would live up to the £11 million price tag, he turned out to be one of the best the Arsenal, and the world has ever seen.

Worst – Sebastien Squillaci

Most Gunners will remember the name with dread, Squillaci was to be feared on the pitch, because of his awful performance, more a danger to his own team that its rivals. Plus he collected around £50,000 and £60,000 a week to do so. The blundering defence was there for three whole years of Gunner suffering.