The Beginner’s Guide to Esports and Fantasy Sports

If you’re a massive soccer fan and enjoy sports betting on websites like, then you’ve probably heard the phrases ‘esports’ and ‘fantasy sports’ being thrown around. However, it’s not immediately obvious to beginners what exactly these terms mean. But don’t worry. We’re here to provide our readers with a little more insight into the topic today. So, we have written this article which explains all the basic principles of esports and fantasy sports to people who don’t know already. Keep reading if this sounds like something you might be interested in.

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What are Esports?

The term esports can be a little misleading. People who play esports do not technically participate in physical exercise. Instead, the word applies to those who play video games competitively against other people, typically via online multiplayer. Esports have started to emerge as a new type of sport because of the hand-eye coordination and reaction skills involved. Now, huge esports competitions are being hosted with professional players who actually get paid if they win. They either compete individually or are members of a larger highly skilled team. Some popular examples of games that are played in Esports competitions include Street Fighter and Call of Duty.

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are completely different from esports but sometimes they get confused. Basically, fantasy sports are games where you assemble an imaginary team of real professional athletes to compete in a fabricated, virtual event. For example, fantasy football is where you put together a ‘dream team’ of football players, like David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo. You would then enter your team into a match where they would compete against a team that somebody else had assembled. Whoever wins depends on statistical probability. This is influenced by how good the professional player is in real life. For instance, Ronaldo will have a higher probability of scoring than other footballers.

Esports Culture

Those who enjoy soccer might also like kicking back and watching somebody play a virtual version of the game against other players. For some, it can almost be as thrilling as the real thing. Wagering money on the results of esports competitions has also become an increasingly popular activity because it works very similarly to traditional sports betting. People observe the professional players; looking at their track history, skillset, odds and potential to be an underdog. They then place their bets on who they think is going to win or lose and in what majority.

Fantasy Sports Culture

When it comes to playing fantasy sports, you don’t just have to be a spectator. You can get involved in the action yourself. It’s an immensely fun and exciting activity, putting your knowledge of sports to the test. Once again, real money betting has become associated with fantasy sports, but it’s just as enjoyable when played recreationally. What’s not to love about putting together a team of your favourite soccer players ever?

We hope this article has cleared up some things for our readers. You might even want to try esports and fantasy sports now, in addition to watching soccer.