Soccer Teams Most Likely To Win The Next Premier League

With the recently concluded Premier League with Manchester City Football Club taking the cup home, speculations for the next winners have already started. Football is always an exciting and intriguing sport that has remained relevant and has stood the test of time. Many people are involved with this sport, be it playing it themselves or betting on it and other online games such as Starburst.

Football has always been a competitive sport, and that is why we have narrowed down the list of the teams that would most likely take the championship this coming season.

Liverpool Football Club

If you are a football fan and you followed this league from the beginning, you will notice that Liverpool did put up a good fight all through the association. Their efforts did land them the second position with 97 points, which was one point shy from Man City’s 98 points. This was somewhat a tight race considering the third team had 72 points. Well, this is quite an impressive show. We believe that as long as they retain their star player, Mohamed Salah, who was also the top scorer in the season, they will win the next season. And it is for that reason that we believe that Liverpool is a very likely contender to take the cup this upcoming season.

Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

Despite finishing at position seven with 57 points, we believe that this team has a promising future in this league. One of the reasons is that they played in this league for the first time since their relegation in 2012. Additionally, this football club has shown significant improvement since their relegation. Sometimes the underdog can prove you wrong, and judging by their performance on their game with Chelsea, where they won 2-1, they just might surprise us this coming season.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

Tottenham Hotspur is another team that we believe might take up the championship next season. With the new signing of a superstar Harry Kane, supporters are very optimistic that this will win them the cup next season. Having finished third in the recently concluded season is another likely reason that they might just surprise us in the upcoming season. Tottenham’s game tactics are very strategic which does give them an edgy style to playing the sport. Also judging from their performance in the other leagues, the odds of them stepping up are very likely.

Manchester City Football Club

As mentioned above, Man City did take the cup home this last season. And it is for this sole reason that we believe that they might make it a second season in a row. This would not be a shock to us as it has happened before. Considering they won most of their games this season, with smart strategies, they might as well defend their honor and keep the cup.


Lastly, remember the above are merely suggestions as to who might take the championship next. Feel free to also give your predictions on LVBET, you never know, you might just be right.