Sustainable Soccer Watching on Television

A decent evening of soccer involves a big screen, nibbles, snacks and beer – our tips tell you how to do this sustainably without having to give up anything and to have more time to enjoy bet in-play with your friends.


1. Don’t always travel to the World Cup

So-called “fan mobility” is considered one of the biggest environmental problems in soccer. For example, flying to Russia for the 2018 World Cup leaves quite a footprint. If you watch the games at home in Germany instead, you have secured an ecological advantage just by doing so … here’s to a cold beer!

2. Watching the World Cup together

Electricity consumption increases measurably as soon as a European or World Cup soccer match takes place: Depending on the game, weather and event (EM/WM/Bundesliga … ), it is assumed that several hundred million kilowatt hours of electricity are consumed – per game!

Another big power guzzler: standby mode:

A soccer game is simply much more fun on a big screen, it’s true. But the bigger the screen, the more power the TV eats up. This is put into perspective when you’re cheering on your team with friends: 10,000 people in front of a big screen instead of 10,000 TVs on saves a lot of electricity.

So either you round up a few people and take turns throwing a soccer party. Or you go to a public viewing. There’s guaranteed to be a huge screen there, and the more viewers, the better the event’s energy consumption is distributed.

3. If you’re going to have a soccer barbecue, then at least …

… no cheap meat from the discounted shelf, possibly pre-seasoned and shrink-wrapped in plastic. Why not? Because world champions deserve better – read Packaged grilled meat: rot, antibiotics and resistant germs.

You can grill peppers or grill zucchini, and vegan grilled sausages reduce your environmental footprint and still taste delicious. The main thing is that it’s not a disposable grill.

4. New TV for a hotter World Cup?

Retailers entice customers with offers for a new TV set every time there’s a World Cup/European Championship. Of course, a large, modern screen is great. But the production process consumes an enormous amount of energy and valuable resources.

So you should ask yourself whether you really need to replace your TV yet – or whether your set is simply not the best one at the moment. So what? The difference is usually barely noticeable to our eyes anyway, and will the World Cup really be better in 4K?

5. Environmentally friendly

Whether it’s a public viewing or a soccer party with friends, you can already save the environment by getting there. Taking public transport or a bike is not only more environmentally friendly, it also saves time, because parking spaces are in short supply, especially around public viewing venues.

6. Cheer Your Team

Cheering and goal celebrations make for a dry throat, and the high temperatures further increase the need for fluids. The best way to quench your thirst is with tap water, which is cheap and environmentally friendly and healthier than the last of your beers.

If you’re watching the World Cup or the Premier League with friends at home, glass carafes and glasses are the best alternative. But even at public viewings, you should avoid water from plastic bottles or cups. Simply take your water with you in one (or more) BPA-free drinking bottles.

7. Sustainable Drinking

Nope, the good news is that beer is the alcoholic beverage with the best environmental footprint. And at private soccer parties, you can give preference to organic, locally grown beer in returnable bottles.

For safety reasons, glass bottles are usually prohibited at public viewing events, and you have to buy your beer on site. In terms of sustainability, you should then make sure that a reusable system with a deposit is used instead of plastic cups.

8. Homemade Nibbles

Industrially produced chips, popcorn and similar nibbles are not particularly sustainable. Nevertheless, nibbles are simply part of a proper soccer evening. As an alternative, try homemade vegetable or potato chips from the oven, which are also healthier and contain far fewer calories.

9. Soccer Snacks

Nibbles are all well and good, but watching the game makes you hungry. For the soccer party with friends, many delicious snacks can be prepared, such as vegetable skewers, vegetarian casseroles, various salads and spreads.

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