Russia World Cup Tickets (2018) will preview the fast approaching FIFA World cup and give full information on where to buy and sell your tickets. The World Cup in Russia is highly anticipated  by fans from around the world all looking at either attending the games or most certainly watching it on television.

The biggest applications for tickets were surprising from Colombia, Argentina, Germany and Brazil. Whilst most tickets for the games have sold-out officially there will be sure to be more tickets available the closer the tournament becomes. In Brazil, tickets were sold on the day and this gave fans the opportunity to see a game.

Buy World Cup Tickets

Most tickets that do go for resale will be on the official FIFA website.

Prices for the matches in Russia are more expensive than previous tournaments but there are category 4 tickets available to locals. This is a great incentive and gives local fans the opportunity to watch the games. also offers comparisons on world cup football tickets here.

With official match tickets there is the opportunity to travel between cities for the games for free, this is available to all match ticket holders.


To gain access to a stadium, not only do you need a ticket you also need a fan id. The fan ID is an identity document that must be allocated from the organizers. For more information then FAN ID is the official website. There is still time to apply and this bypasses the requirement of having to need a visa to enter Russia. Have a passport image ready to upload when making the application, the requirements are no colour background and no open mouth.

Sell World Cup Tickets

To sell world cup tickets for the Russia 2018 tournament then are number one in the industry and will buy any you have extra. Contact them via phone, whatsapp or email .

About Russia

Russia a unique, wonderful and diverse country with each host city being completely different.

  • Largest country in the world
  • Longest national border in the world
  • 18 neighbouring countries

Russia has a population of over 146 million people representing which speak over 100 languages. Football is the most popular sport in in Russia and the chance for them to witness and experience the world cup will be enjoyed by millions. To understand how big Russia is, it is spread across 11 time zones. Russians are known for being hospitable people and will be sure to welcome the world to see their amazing country in the summer.

Host Cities

The FIFA World Cup is the greatest sporting event to take place every four years. If you are going then we are certain you will have a great time. If you are not attending then watching on TV will be easy as all countries will be showing it on free to air television.

Fan Fests

A great place to enjoy the games taking place whilst in Russia will be at the Fan Fests held in all the major cities. Moscow will have a big one enough to have 30,000 fans watching the games whilst Saint Petersburg will have a fanzone of 25,000. These are great places to meet fans from around the world and cheer for other countries.

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