Online fashion retailer Thread redress football’s tracksuit managers as their fashion forward rivals

  • In-house stylist and illustrator have worked together to create images of ‘tracksuit managers’ restyled as some of football’s most fashionable managers
  • Roy Hodgson as Pep Guardiola, Tony Pulis as Diego Simeone, Maurizio Sarri as Gareth Southgate and more!
  • Get the look sections to allow fans to replicate the looks of the favourite fashion forward managers

There are two types of managers on the sidelines, those that make an effort to look the part and those that remain true to the tracksuit, often referred to as the ‘tracksuit manager’. Many of football’s well known managers have become known for their iconic styles over the years, and online fashion retailer Thread thought it was about time some of them switched it up and tried something new.

In-house stylist Freddie Kemp teamed up with an illustrator to reimagine some of football’s most notorious tracksuit managers in the stylish outfits of their more fashion forward opponents, to see if it was time for them to ditch the touchline trackies or stick to what they know.

So who got a new look?

  • Roy Hodgson inspired by Pep Guardiola
  • Steve Bruce inspired by Joachim Low
  • Sean Dyche inspired by Quique Sanchez Flores
  • Marcelo Bielsa inspired by Gareth Ainsworth
  • Sam Allardyce inspired by Julian Nagelsmann
  • Tony Pulis inspired by Diego Simeone
  • Maurizio Sarri inspired by Gareth Southgate

Interestingly, Roy Hodgson, who is arguably the most iconic tracksuit manager on the pitch, pulled off his new Pep Guardiola inspired look. Freddie says, “The tapered cuts Pep wears, coupled with the dark tones are a flattering combination that could work nicely on Roy too. The same goes for minimal white trainers and a down coat for a more smart casual look.”.

However, the makeovers didn’t work for everyone, and it seems some managers are destined to remain on team tracksuit. Referring to Bielsa, Freddie said, “The drastic change of Marcelo’s new look, from tracksuit king to cool and suave, doesn’t quite translate well for him. Although not exactly stylish, the comfortable tracksuit is a look that suits him and his personality on the pitch perfectly”.

The second part of the campaign looks at football’s most fashionable managers. Breaking down their looks, looking at the different elements and styles each manager opts for, Freddie comments on what he thinks works and doesn’t work for them as well as providing links to look-alike items that will help football fanatics replicate the coaches most iconic pitch side looks.

You can view the full campaign here: