Will Marcus Rashford Become The Next Big English Player?

Football is a game in which up and coming players are often praised as the next big thing, only to fail to make a big impact I the next few years. On a rare occasion though, a player will show so much promise that even the skeptics will have to admit he has what it takes to become a legend, and this is certainly true for the 18 year-old Marcus Rashford.

Born in 1997, young Marcus joined Manchester United in 2005, at the age of just t. The club have groomed the player and their efforts really started paying dividends last year, when the player absolutely burst into the big stage out of nowhere and showed his full quality for the A team.

The Domestic and International Burst

Marcus Rashford is a Manchester born player and the club took him in at the age of even, leading him through their academy system and making him into a fully-fledged striker. At the age of 18, Marcus made his debut for the Manchester United A team and he started showing his talent and breaking records right away.

Marcus’ debut came on 25 February 2016, in late season, in a European match against Midtylland. United won 5 – 1 and Rashford scored two goals, making him the youngest Manchester United player to score in a European match. He was crucial for the team’s domestic season as well, as he scored two and assisted one in a 3 – 2 win against Arsenal and the only goal in the Manchester derby, which also made him the third youngest United player to score in EPL and the youngest to score in a Manchester derby game.

Rashford’s amazing performances that saw him salvage United’s season did not go unnoticed by the national team either, and the player made earned his first senior cap on 27 May 2016 against Australia in a warm up match to the 2016 European Championship. He opened the scoring within three minutes, which made him the youngest English player to score on his international debut.

The player went on to represent England during the Euro 2016 as well, making several appearances and while he did not score during his limited time on the pitch, he showed no fear and plenty of skill during these matches.

While it is not uncommon to see a young player score for his team or international team here and there, Rashford has been showing the consistency that even senior players would be proud of, scoring 6 goals in just 13 EPL matches, and 9 goals in 21 total Manchester United matches along with goals on his U21 and senior international squads.

Bright Future Ahead

The 2016/17 season has only just began and Marcus has already made a big impact, handing United the three points in the away fixture against Hull, just 20 minutes after being brought on. The extra time goal was his first of the season, but certainly won’t be his last as Jose Mourinho promised he would give the player a chance to make regular appearances.

After losing the first Manchester derby of the season, Manchester United stand 5/1 to win the Premier League this season, while Marcus Rashford’s odds of becoming the league’s best goal scorer are 50/1. While this may not be the best bet of the season, Marcus may easily end up becoming a fully-fledged first team player this season and if he can keep up his current form there is no telling what might happen.

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