Discover Expedia’s Unique and Interactive Football Away Game Guide

This season’s Champions League has already thrown up some belters, hasn’t it? Whether it was Manchester City and Celtic’s thrilling 3-3 draw or Premier League champions Leicester City’s better-than-expected debut in what is (probably) the most exciting club tournament in the world, the signs are this season could be the best yet.


If you’re hankering after some of this elite action for yourself, and not just on your TV screen either, then we think you’ll love a new guide to the away grounds and cities of European football teams developed by the travel experts at Expedia.

The European Football Away Game Guide is designed to help footy fans travelling around Europe as they follow their teams in Champions League action. It’s here to help you figure out how to get to an unfamiliar football ground and find your way around a new city, enjoying all that it has to offer in the process.

So whether you’re off to Monchengladbach, Munich, Manchester or somewhere else entirely, get hold of the guide so you know which tram you need to get to the stadium and where the best place is for a pre-match pint. Oh, and it’s crammed with advice from local bloggers about where to eat, drink and explore too.

Check out the guide and start planning your Champions League trip!