How Far Can England Go in the Women’s World Cup?

Following a strong first half and a weaker second half against Scotland, England kicked off their bid for the Women’s World Cup strongly. Will they manage to make it all the way to the end? Let’s take a look at their chances.

The Scotland Match

The best indicator of how any team might fare in a world cup is how they perform in their opening match. Following their disastrous match against New Zealand beforehand, all eyes were on them when they went to play Scotland. Since it was Scotland’s first World Cup, the odds were stacked in England’s favour. You need to pay attention to these preliminary matches to see how they will best fare; especially if you are thinking of placing a bet through sites like Match analysis and the statistics they provide can all help to inform you about how a game is going to go.

They played well throughout the first half, scoring two goals, but then an injury for Millie Bright and a substitution for Scotland swung things in their favour. With one goal scored, they defended firmly for the rest of the game.

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Much criticism has been launched following the first handful of matches over VAR awarded penalties. How England’s game would have played out without that first penalty goal from Nikita Parris is unknown. VAR is proving to be an unpopular addition to many football matches for the fans and we shall wait to see how it affects the other games.

Strong Team Members

The star of the England squad without a doubt is Lucy Bronze. She is frequently described as England’s best player and currently can be found with the women’s team at Lyon. Many people in the sport respect her and it is clear that she will make waves on any pitch she steps on to.

Another one to watch is first goal scorer Nikita Parrish. Following this initial strong performance, it is going to be extremely interesting to see whether or not she can keep up a similar performance in following matches. Also a player at Lyon with Bronze, it is clear that these two are going to be ones to watch no matter how far England moves throughout the competition.

Future Matches

Next up is matches against Japan and Argentina to finish off the group. With one win already under their belts, they are in a good position to continue with their groups. Rumours are that Japan is more focused on their performance in the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games than the World Cup, but they still should not be left out of the considerations.

Meanwhile, Argentina are likely to put forward a good game. England cannot afford to become complacent after just one game; there is a long way to go to both get out of their group and then advance in the competition.

All we can do is wish good luck to the players as they advance through the tournament. No matter what the outcome may be, we can be certain that they will do us proud.