Here are some Fun Facts about Arsenal that you Might Not Know Already

We all know that Arsenal are easily one of the biggest football clubs in England. They currently have 13 league titles and they also have a record of having 13 FA Cups too. They have been home to some of the greatest players, and even managers in the Premier League and this just goes to show how far they have come over the years. The team have had Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and even Arsene Wenger. The greatest season for Arsenal came when they had their 2003 season. They went on to win the whole Premiership and they actually went unbeaten too. A lot of people know that the club started out at the southern end of the Thames and it wasn’t actually until the year 1914 that they changed their name from Woolwich. If you are interested in knowing some more facts about the Gunners, and even how that came to be their nickname then take a look below.

Tea with the Queen

The Arsenal team are the only football organisation to have had tea with the Queen. In the year 2006, the Queen was supposed to open up the Emirates Stadium for the team. She had to pull out as she had experienced a back injury and this ultimately meant that the Duke of Edinburgh stepped in. The Queen, to show support then stepped in and invited the manager, players and chairman to the palace. They all had a spot of Afternoon tea. The entire team were then able to share some biscuits and they also partook in a few hot beverages. Cesc Fabregas, who at the time was only 19 years of age spoke with Spanish radio about his encounter. He stated that by the looks of things, the Queen follows football and she actually told them that she is an Arsenal fan. She knew who he was instantly and the two exchanged words. If you are a fan of Arsenal as well then why not check out Slots of Vegas? There are plenty of football-themed games on there for you to try and it is a great way for you to pass some time while you wait for the upcoming games by the Gunners.

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Milan Magic

Henry looked to have bagged twice in the year 2003. Fabregas and Emmanuel Adebayor then struck late in the year 2008 and this helped Arsenal to make sure that they were the first British team to beat both clubs at San Siro. After this happened, the Gunners were then able to take a win in the Europa league and they also really played hard during the semi-finals. This was a great time for the team, and it showed everyone that they were in fact capable of so much more than they originally thought. This was a great time to be an Arsenal fan.

Dyed in Woolwich

Did you know that the original meaning for the name Arsenal is actually a collection of military equipment and weapons? In the year 1886, David Danskin, along with 15 other munitions workers set up the club. They named it the Royal Arsenal Complex and it was based in Woolwich. The club’s crest, even the new one, has a cannon and this is otherwise known as being the Gunner. This is where the nickname came from. Danskin and all of his friends were cannon makers, and this helps to explain the club’s nickname.

The original meaning for the name Arsenal is actually a collection of military equipment and weapons

Broadcasting Favourites

Despite what a lot of people might say, the broadcasting world certainly has a soft spot for Arsenal. The home game that they played against Sheffield in 1927 was the first ever English game to be broadcasted on the radio. When you look at 10 years later, you will find that there was a clash between the first team and the reserves, and this happened to be the first match that was ever televised live. Arsenal were also the first team to be broadcasted in 3D too. This is very interesting to say the least and if you are a fan of Arsenal then you will know what a huge deal this was at the time. Of course, if you have never watched them then you will be glad to know that this is very easy to do. A lot of their games are broadcasted on Sky Sports and they are always playing in their finest form.

Herbert Chapman

Another interesting fact about Arsenal is that they were involved in the highest scoring draw ever. They were under the stewardship of Herbert Chapman. The game happened to end up in a 6-6 draw and this was a thrilling game to say the least. The game happened in the year 1930 and it was a show-stopping performance from all of the players involved. Of course, you may know that over 27,000 people piled onto Filbert street after the game and they couldn’t quite believe what they had witnessed. This actually happened to be the home of Leicester City and it’s something that the people of the town certainly won’t forget. Three players stood out that day, including Cliff Bastin, who played for Arsenal. He grabbed a double but Dave Halliday actually went on to score four goals. He was able to get the ball past Joe Wright who was keeping the goal for the Foxes. Sure, this was probably a bit embarrassing for him, but the team looked to pull forward and eventually it would seem that they gave Arsenal a run for their money. By the looks of things, not much has changed since these days because Arsenal are still doing whatever they can to come out on top of the league and they are also pushing forward. They are serious contenders and they are really trying to make the name that they are known for stand out among the rest. They’re an all-round stellar team and this all boils down to their rich history.