Five Of the Best Premier League Strikers Ever

Every team needs a top class goalscorer if they are going to compete at the top end of the league. Usually, that responsibility falls to the striker.

Of course, the likes of Ronaldo, Mane and Salah contribute as many goals as any out-and-out number nine. However, this article is not about those men. This about the players that lead the line and play in a more traditional forward role. TThe website bet365 bonuskod 2022 offers sporting bets which include next goalscorer etc, even for the English Premier League.

So, without further ado, here are five of the greatest strikers to ever play in the Premier League

5. Didier Drogba

Drogba wasn’t the most prolific of Premier League strikers, but he was damn effective. In his 254 games in the Premier League, he scored 104 goals, but that doesn’t tell the full story.

He was instrumental in four Premier League titles for The Blues and his penalty in the Champions League final set the tone for their victory. He is a club legend and Chelsea wouldn’t have been anywhere near as good without him.

4. Luis Suarez

The Uruguayan is a controversial figure, but there is little doubt that he was, and continues to be, a fabulous footballer. His partnership with Daniel Sturridge was the stuff of legend, with the pair almost firing Liverpool to a league title. At his best, Suarez was quite simply unplayable.

He scored 31 goals in 33 league games during one season at Liverpool. It was arguably one of the greatest league seasons ever by a player, which makes him a definite on this list.

3. Sergio Aguero

The former Manchester City player was underappreciated at times. That shouldn’t be the case though. The Argentinian was amazing and for a period of years, he was the best finisher in the league.

One of his key attributes was his consistency, with City struggling to replace that since he left.

2. Alan Shearer

It is easy to forget just how good Shearer was. For over a decade, he was the most lethal striker in the Premier League. He consistently gave everything he had for Southampton, Blackburn and Newcastle and he almost always hit the net.

Shearer was a special talent and it is a shame that he finished his career with just one Premier League title, which he won during his time at Blackburn.

1. Thierry Henry

To put it simply, Henry was a magician. He could turn any situation into a threat. His finishing and work rate were brilliant, but his flair was something even better. In 258 games, he scored an amazing 175 goals.

That is a goals per game ratio of 0.68, which is absolutely crazy when you consider the defenders who were playing at the time. He finished his career with two titles and a place in the heart of football fans everywhere. See more English football news here on