Does Music Elevate the Casino Experience?

When you visit a land-based casino today, you will often notice that the operator uses certain types of music to add a special ambience to their venue which, ultimately, enhances the experience for the players. The exact type of music that you can listen to at casinos today can vary a great deal from one place to the next, and the aim of using music is often to help their customers relax more. Music is also used at online casinos, but you may have never even noticed.

What kind of music is used at casinos?

Various forms of music are used at land-based and online casinos. However, the experience is quite different at both. For example, when you walk into a land-based casino in Las Vegas or anywhere else in the world, you can generally hear a playlist of songs by famous singers and rock bands playing on a loop across the casino’s speaker system 24 hours per day. At other casinos, you might hear more generic music like Muzak (aka Elevator music) – an American brand of background music. Alternatively, you may be able to hear what is often referred to as ‘Relaxing Chill-Out/Chill-Hop’ music, all of which plays along gently in the background.

With online casinos, though, it’s completely different. For example, when you log in to your online casino account, you don’t immediately start hearing music. Instead, the music that you hear is found within the games. When playing certain classic table & card games, you can often hear gentle background piano music/ambient music coupled with authentic casino game sound effects (e.g., the sounds of cards being dealt, the dice being thrown down onto the craps table, or the roulette ball being released around the roulette wheel), which makes it seem as though you are at a real casino.

In other games, such as slots, it’s different. The music/songs in these games have been created specifically for certain games, or you will find that certain songs have been licensed out from the appropriate parties so that the software providers can include this music in their games. Some live dealer games also have some quirky music that you can listen to as you play.

Famous songs about gambling and casino

Before we reveal some of the most famous songs that you can find in online slot machines, here are some examples of the most popular songs about gambling ever written. They include the following:

  • Kenny Rogers: The Gambler (1978)
  • Elvis Presley: Viva Las Vegas (1964)
  • Motörhead: Ace of Spades (1980)
  • Lady Gaga: Poker Face (2008)
  • Kendrick Lamar: Vegas (2015)

Some of the other notable mentions include Mo Money, Mo Problems (1997) by The Notorious B.I.G., Vegas (2022) by Doja Cat, Dead Flowers and Tumbling Dice (1972) by the Rolling Stones, Ramblin’ Man (1973) by The Allman Brothers Band, and Ramblin’ Gamblin Man (1968) by The Bob Seger System.

Examples of famous music used in online slot machines

Here are several examples of famous tracks from well-known artists that you can hear when playing certain popular online slot machines. Don’t forget that you can easily click on the mute button or turn the volume down if you don’t want to listen to the music. The best examples of slot machines with music in 2022 include:

  • Motörhead online slot from NetEnt, which has several great tracks, such as Ace of Spades, Killed by Death, Iron Fist, and Overkill
  • Michael Jackson: King of Pop online slot from Bally technologies, which plays a medley of Michael Jackson’s songs as you spin the reels
  • Kiss – Reels of Rock online slot from Play’n GO, which plays a medley of popular Kiss songs
  • Village People: Macho Moves online slot from Fortune Factory Studios and Microgaming, which plays iconic tracks, such as Can’t Stop the Music, Go West, Macho Man, In The Navy, and Y.M.C.A.
  • Spinal Tap online slot from Blueprint Gaming, which plays memorable tracks from one of America’s most iconic bands

You can also find iconic tunes in several online slots from NetEnt, such as Ozzy Osbourne, Guns N’ Roses, and Jimi Hendrix. Play’n GO has also developed some epic slots with famous songs from various heavy/thrash metal bands, such as Twisted Sister, HammerFall, Demon, Sabaton, Helloween, House of Doom, and Testament, as well as Annihilator, Black Mamba, Z.Z. Top: Roadside Riches, Def Leppard: Hysteria, Dio: Killing the Dragon, and Lordi: Reel Monsters, to name just a few.

The music adds a great deal of excitement for the player, and in some cases, it keeps them playing for extended periods, which is just what the casinos/software providers are hoping for. Almost every online slot out there today has some great music for you to listen to as you play, and don’t forget, if you’re fed up listening to it, you can easily switch it off or turn it right down – something which you could never do at a land-based casino.