Club Manager 2019 – The Ultimate Manager Game

When the year began, no one could have envisaged that anyone other than Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo would win the 2018 Ballon d’Or. I mean the two larger-than-life figures have after all utterly dominated the game over the last ten years; winning a staggering five Ballon d’Or trophies apiece.

Luka Modric has however broken the glass ceiling by winning this year’s edition of the Ballon d’Or, becoming the first player other than Messi or Ronaldo to clinch the award in more than a decade.

Although Luka has managed to claim the award during the Messi-Ronaldo era, deservedly so having had a tremendous run in the UEFA Champions League and subsequent 2018 FIFA World Cup, that does not in any way usher in the end of Messi and Ronaldo—as either of the two will probably still win it in future.

It’s hard becoming a top footballer and even harder to be feted as the best in the game. The numbers grow even slimmer for managers, as very few of them ever get to leave an enduring mark in the game.

That however shouldn’t impede you from collecting an accolade of your own in the sport, as you can experience the full swirl of emotions that comes with being part of a football team by playing Club Manager 2019. Designed to offer the ultimate pick-up-and-play club manager experience, you will oversee a football team as seen through the eyes of a manager.

The game is ideally based on cards and you’ll be required to open card packs in order to further the chances of acquiring better players, items and upgrades for your club. You will be able to play a number of matches such as division matches, competition matches and exhibition matches on a daily basis; with the surety of receiving free manager cash (in-game currency) after every match, even when you lose.

Beginning with a relatively simple team, your primary goal will be to not only manage it, but also inculcate whichever tactical approach that you feel will instill your team’s place in history by securing both league and cup competitions.

Club Manager is such a simple game to master as it has an easily accessible user interface and in-game assistance fitted with notifications meant to guide you throughout the game—not to mention the in-game chatting system to thrillingly keep in touch with friends and other players.

As you grow in stature, you can also elevate the status of your club by increasing the stadium capacity which will in turn generate more financial bonuses for home games, whereas upgrading on the quality of the turf will lower the chances of costly injuries being sustained by indispensable members of your squad.

Quite the convenience is the fact that Club Manager will be made available across all major platforms such as PC (desktop or via browser game) iOS and Android, so you won’t ever feel secluded from any of your friends or other players.

Upon its release, Club Manager will without question be the best football manager game on the planet!