7 Surprising Facts About The 2017/18 Premier League Season So Far.

International break is almost over and many of us are looking forward to getting back to the good old ways of cheering for club football. But before you do that – we’re letting you in on a few secrets so you can jump back into the Premier League frenzy a little bit better informed. We compiled this data from our friends at FootyStats’ Premier League stats data.

  1. Arsenal have 100% Home Win Record.

It’s always hard to tell how Arsenal is doing because they can quickly go from good form to bad form in matter of minutes. So are they inconsistent or consistent? Well, surprisingly Arsenal have won 5 out of 5 matches at the Emirates Stadium this season – but true to Arsenal traditions they’ve only won 1 out of 6 matches at away fixtures. Their next match is at home – a London Derby against Tottenham Hotspurs who is in a hot streak of form after defeating Real Madrid in the UCL. Can Arsenal keep their perfect home record? We will find out.

  1. Manchester United is Even Better – 100% Win Record at Home and All Clean Sheets

A true Mourinho style trend here. We’re not sure how long Jose Mourinho and his squad can keep this up – but it’s indeed his style to have a stellar defensive record at home. United have even scored 15 goals in 5 matches – that’s an average of 3 goals per match. Fearsome indeed. United play an out-of-form Newcastle next.

  1. Watford Scores Significantly Less Goals at Home

Watford FC has a strange definition of Home Advantage – in that the advantage is with the away team. Watford has scored an average of 2 goals per match at 6 away fixtures this season – yet they’ve only average 1 goal per match at home. Strange to think that a team can play so poorly at home compared to away. They also concede 2.2 goals per match at home compared to 1.67 at away – what is going on!?

  1. Newly Promoted Huddersfield has the 4th Best Defence in the PL

Huddersfield has really impressed us in their debut season – but nobody expected them to defend like champions either. Huddersfield has kept a clean sheet against West Brom, Burnley, Southampton, Newcastle, and Crystal Palace. Sure they’re all teams with poor form but how do we explain the 2-1 win against Manchester United? Surely that’s no luck at this point of the season. But they do have a poor Failed-to-Score record at 6 in 11 matches. If they can sign some top attackers in January this story might sound very different.

  1. Newcastle is 4th in the League if we End the Game at Half-Time.

Newcastle’s 11 match run is at 4 wins, 2 draws, and 5 losses. This changes into 3 wins and 8 draws if we only consider first-half results. Yes – Newcastle is technically on a unbeaten run in the first half of the game. We’re not sure what’ Rafa Benitez tells his squad during half-time but he better change it if he wants to start winning again.

  1. Crystal Palace has Not Scored in 9 out of 11 Matches This Season.

No surprise that Palace makes this list one way or another. Christian Benteke and his friends at Palace front line really has their work cut out this season. Palace has scored exactly 0 goals at all of their 6 away matches this season and kept no clean sheets. Translation – they lost all of them. Benteke used to score a goal every other game at Aston Villa – he hasn’t scored in his last 500 minutes of football.

  1. Southampton has the cleanest foul record


Believe it or not Southampton is the only team to receive less than 1 yellow card per match on average. Premier League matches often end with more than 3 or 4 yellow cards given in the 90 minutes of play – but an average of 0.91 goes to Southampton each match. On the other hand West Ham has the worst disciplinary record in the league with 2.55 cards given to them every match. Ouch.

Did you enjoy our 7 surprising facts? We were inspired by Football Daily’s videos. Facts and football stats/data like these are interesting to see to identify current and upcoming trends. Let’s hope next week’s PL brings us more for us to talk about.