3 footballers that have been successful on and off the pitch

Many footballers are given exorbitant and excessive amounts of money each week in order to play for some of the biggest clubs around the world, and according to Forbes’ 2019 list of the highest earning athletes, the top three are all football focused. However, given that football is a young person’s sport, and player’s careers for professional clubs have relatively short lifespans, what do these players have planned for their future?

While many are set for life with the funds they earn week-in, week-out, some invest their money on the side and work on projects alongside their playing career, some go into coaching and managing new players after they have retired, and some of them become pundits on television and radio programming in order to stay in the public eye.

With regard to business ventures and investments, here are three varying footballers that have been successful on and off the pitch.

Robbie Fowler

A star striker in the Premier league, British footballing great Robbie Fowler broke records during his time playing for Liverpool football club in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Fowler has occasionally kept up appearances on BBC’s coverage and Sky Sports to provide punditry on today’s state of the game, although it’s his keen eye for property that has garnered attention in recent years.

Having partnered with a company that offer training sessions on how to “build a property portfolio without the need of a footballer’s salary”, Fowler has made his stamp on the property investment market. His company Robbie Fowler Property Academy has been successful throughout the years, and shown that footballers can do more with their money than just blow it on expensive cars or flashy trainers.

Fowler himself has accrued an estimated £31 million across his investments over the years, owning a number of properties in Cardiff, Scotland and Liverpool. In the property investment market, Fowler’s old stomping ground of Liverpool is an enticing hotspot city currently. With affordable purchase prices for investors, and high average returns compared to other areas of the country, investment companies such as RWinvest are at the forefront of the growing demand for high-quality city-living.


Still a worldwide football phenomenon in his prime, and the third-highest sports personality in the world according to Forbes (Behind only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo), Paris-Saint-Germain’s Neymar surely has little to worry about in terms of what he can and can’t afford. However, Neymar’s wealth is tied up in some interesting places. When negotiating his star-studded move to PSG, one agent stated that Neymar was offered a private jet, and even stakes in a hotel chain to try and entice him to the city of love.

It is rumoured that Neymar wants to move away from his current club PSG, and perhaps move back to Barcelona or even Real Madrid in La Liga. No doubt whatever transfer agreement he eventually comes to will have some other sort of ridiculous clause to benefit his growing fortune.

David Beckham

A household footballing name in the UK, former England captain David Beckham has his finger in a lot of proverbial pies when it comes to business. He and his wife Victoria both have prevalent modelling and fashion careers, posing as the face of many clothing, perfume and aftershave brands throughout the years, and they also own a brand business that deals with all of their partnerships with companies such as L’Oréal and Adidas. Both David and Victoria have been awarded OBE status, and have also done a lot for charity. While at the final club he played for, Paris-Saint-Germain, Beckham donated all of his earnings to a local children’s charity.

Turning his passion for football into a business, Beckham is also the president and part-owner of up and coming American soccer team Inter Miami CF, who are set to make their debut in the MLS league next year. Beckham will surely be a personality and influence in the sport for years to come.