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Discover all the careers in football
Do you know there are over 50 careers in football? We educate and motivate you to find and progress your career.
Looks at the meaning and history of football club crests (badges) from around the world including the UK.

Policing of English Fans in Europe
This site asks the fans' their views on experience of travelling abroad and aims to do something about their views. AND CAN!!!

Football Fans Census
Football Fans Census is dedicated to understanding the hopes and fears of football fans.

Research into football hooliganism and the policing of English fans in Europe
Site by Robin Manser, controversial researcher into hooliganism and the policing of English fans travelling to matches in Europe! Lectures at the University of Huddersfield.

PASS4 Soccer
PASS4 Soccer are dedicated to providing student athletes with professional advice and best practice in finding a suitable US soccer scholarship

Safe Soccer Worldwide
Researching and campaigning against football related violence in England and abroad.

British soccer history
An interactive site for those who love the history of football in Britain. It takes a look at the great players, managers and legendary games.

Football Culture Online
Art, technology, popular culture, marketing, fandom, national identity, hooliganism, prejudice and the evolution of football.

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