Add your site: Non-league clubs

Add a new site about a non-league club in the English football Blue Square etc. Conference leagues. Please note the following before submitting your site:

  • ONLY football related sites will be accepted.
  • You must add a button or text link back to e-soccer from your site.
  • No foul, abusive, racist, sexist or otherwise offensive language will be included in any listing. We reserve the right to exclude any listing we think is unsuitable.
  • e-soccer reserves the right to edit any listing.
  • Please check first to see if your site is already listed in e-soccer. If it is not listed then submit your site only ONCE. If you try and submit the same site site several times then this will be regarded as spamming and your site will be excluded from e-soccer.

All sections below MUST be completed unless otherwise indicated.

This must be the main URL for your site. Example:

  • Keep your title short and accurate - but NOT sensationalist such as "The Best soccer site ever"
  • You must include the official name for the title of a commercial site

Keep your description short (250 characters maximum) and informative - but NOT sensationalist such as "THE number one site in the world for English football..."


Choose a non-league club in the English football Blue Square etc. Conference leagues:

If you cannot find a category or club that is suitable please suggest one below (optional):

The name of the person who is submitting the site. This will NOT be included in the listing.


This will be used for correspondence relating to this listing and will NOT be included in the listing.



Please check that you have filled in this form correctly - then click the 'Add your site' button below. **Please remember to link back to us so that we can add your website immediately. More details on the next page.


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