Will anybody stop Manchester City in the race for the Premier League?

Having won 4 out of the last 5 Premier League titles under Pep Guardiola, many would be forgiven for thinking that Manchester City will once again steam roll the chasing pack in 2022/23.

With a third of the season having passed, City once again look extremely well-placed to be in the mix once more – as they chase a 7th Premier League title since 2012.

Key to their perceived dominance so far this season has been the summer acquisition of Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund for more than $51 million.

The big Norwegian has been a revelation at City, scoring 17 Premier League goals in just 11 top-flight appearances and his tally of 22 goals in all competitions is mighty impressive.

Despite Haaland’s seemingly endless goal threat, City find themselves in second place in the Premier League title race, with Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal holding City at bay so far.

How long the Gunners can sustain that however remains to be seen, with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar in November and December sure to play havoc with the regular routines.

Beyond that, finding a side that can challenge Manchester City all the way this season is a tricky task, with the likes of Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester United currently way off the pace.

Key to City’s success in recent years has been goal scoring and even away from the prolific Haaland, City have plenty of attacking threats.

Kevin de Bruyne remains one of the most creative players in world football and his industry and guile in midfield is matched by the likes of Bernardo Silva and Ilkay Gundogan.

In front of them, Phil Foden is in the best goalscoring form of his career, whilst Jack Grealish and Riyad Mahrez have the potential to contribute in a big way too.

All of the attacking talents coupled with a mean defensive record makes City a real force to be reckoned with and they are very much the team to catch in the Premier League at -250 for yet another Premier League title.

The aforementioned Arsenal have been flying high all season as they chase a first Premier League title in two decades.

By the way, the UK team has good chances to reach the semi-finals at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, the bets on it are +700, while the US team is an outsider, you can legally place a bet on the World Cup in Qatar in NJ.

Sustaining their form is the key question but they are well coached and they should come close at +750 for the Premier League title.

Beyond Arteta and Guardiola’s sides, finding a genuine competitor is tough but Antonio Conte has his Tottenham side looking up the table currently.

Tottenham’s wait for a league title stretches even longer, with Spurs last winning the English top division back in 1961 and they will have to go some to repeat that feat in 2023 at +3300.

Data Security: Find out what this Gambling App Knows about You

Many countries have witnessed a burgeoning generation of gambling apps. This large market has opened a hotspot for inappropriate data collection and use from gamblers whose details are used for sales and marketing objectives. Records reveal how this expansion in the industry amounts to profiled user-related information portraying the wagering habits.

Once you are set out for a platform that meets your standards and needs, you should know many things. If you have any doubts, you should focus your attention on data security because you know what your app knows about yourself as you play. Read on and find out what you have shared with the app.

Personal Details

Whenever you sign up with an online casino, you will play real money games. That necessitates you to input personal information on this app according to your casino app’s privacy policy. Keeping this in mind, the policy may suggest that you should stop using the services and deactivate your account if you do not wish your data collected. The information that will be collected includes demographic data, browsing history, behavioral information, and spending. In addition, that comprises of your data on the sports you like or dislike that will be then shared across different gambling services the company owns.

With a secure online casino environment, the information is useful for personalization and marketing. The good news is that your financial information will not be jeopardized but collected for fraud protection and to prevent money laundering.

Financial Information

Many times your casino will set up its tracking systems that will be taking your information. Unfortunately, you will not easily detect the behind-the-scenes practices that take advantage of data protection laws. The data your gambling app collects include a breakdown of your financial history. The information is about your bank accounts, mortgage, and debts, with all details consisting of your monthly payments.

Under the fields, you will find the identification numbers of the devices you use to deposit to your gambling account under the fields. Plus, that will reveal a network of information concerning where you make the transactions from always. Sharing such authentic documents about your condition while including your full name would imperil your relationships and severely affect your career.

Nevertheless, getting the most secure online gaming environment is of utmost importance. That you must be guaranteed ahead of the time you join your select casino. Of course, you should avoid joining any bookmaking site that you never feel secure with completely.

Personal Characteristics 

Your gambling app provides tools that track you both offline and online and list your characteristics, including your playing history on slots and other favorite sports. Most alarming, the software turns you into a high-value code that suggests luring you back after you stop. In your data profile, you get listed as a willing customer who should be “won back” for being receptive to the featured promotions. That is to say that your addiction is crippling you down; however, you are considered a regular spender of high amounts, so you must keep coming back.


Gaming apps continue exploding in popularity worldwide. The industry has equally gone far to implement some of the most invasive profiling and tracking practices. Keeping this in mind, when you have found your best gaming site with the most secure gaming environment, you can log in with confidence to your account. That way, you can have a carefree and fantastic time where you enjoy multiple games as you increase your chances of winning.

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The Importance of Playing Sport


We all know of someone whose motto in life is to study hard and play harder. Well, these are the people who have figured out the true balance in life. Even in this modern time, a lot of people do not let their kids take part in any type of sports because they think sports is something that is useless. Rather, the case is completely opposite. Kids who take part in different sports are bound to do much better in life as well as academics than those who are bookworms. For those in Sweden and nearby countries, the website kelbet.se offers the best sporting bet platforms available.

Sports like football, chess, cricket, table tennis and a number of other sports are not just good for your fitness, but they play a very important role as far as your mental health is concerned. They keep your mind as well as your body active.

Builds stamina:

Playing sports will prove to be super beneficial for your overall health. To take part in sports like football, you need to be in a fit shape. Playing sports that require physical exertion, on a regular basis will not only build your muscles and melt away all the excess fat, it will also build your stamina. You feel more in control of your body and mind.

Teaches time management skills:

If you are a student and you have taken up sports, lets say football, then you will need to learn how to manage your time. School and college going students have to learn to balance their studies as well as their sport activities. That is why such students are good at multi-tasking as well as time management.

Healthy mind and healthy body:

A lot of people take sports as something that only benefits he human body. What they fail to understand that sports benefits the mind as much as it benefits the body. It trains the brain to come up with solutions in a tough situation.

Lesson of Losing

One thing that every sportsman and sportswoman will learn when they enter this field is that failure is never the end. Playing a sport teaches a lot of tolerance and builds acceptance into a person’s personality. There are times when you will lose a game and there will be times when you will be the winner. There are always lessons to be learned when you are involved in any type of sport. This lesson of accepting a defeat and coming out stronger to win the next time comes handy in other parts of an individual’s life as well.


The sportsmanship spirit is something that is personal to every individual who is involved in any form of sports. It includes a lot of virtues like being fair, treating other sportsmen, teammates and opponents, with respect, accepting defeat with your head held high, tolerance Etc. it also teaches leadership skills and how to tackle a situation at tough times. There are a lot of things that sports can teach an individual, but they carry these lessons throughout their life.

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Where were mascots created?


Mascots are some of the world’s best known sports fans, and whether there are pauses in game play, lopsided games or half-time has come, it is these mascots that take centre stage in order to keep the crowd and fans entertained. Simply mascots make sports a little more fun, particularly for those who aren’t really that interested in watching, and with some of the very best mascot moments including dance-offs, basketball tricks or fighting with the opposition mascot they really are a popular part of the sport. But while Mascots are deemed to be mainly adopted by American sports, the history of the mascot is far more complicated than that.

History Of Mascots

The term mascot derives from the French word ‘mascoto’ which means witch, fairy or sorcerer. From this the slang term ‘mascotte’ meaning talisman or lucky charm was created throughout the 1960s, and it was often used throughout gambling when the gambler suddenly had a run of luck. This word was then popularised in the 1880s French Opera La Mascotte, about an Italian farmer who is visited by a mysterious virgin named Bettina who, as long as she remains a virgin, functions as a good luck charm in the opera. Overtime, this was gradually used in a sports setting, with the term first being used around 1880 in American baseball – a boy named Chic was described as a good luck charm in an 1883 issue of Sporting Life. Gradually over time, Sporting Life and The New York Times began to drop to ‘e’ and the additional ‘t’ to get us closer to the ‘mascot’ spelling that we use today.

Throughout the 19th century and into the early 20th century, all sports mascots were either children or real animals, and they were taken very seriously. It is believed that the first football mascot was a bulldog named Handsome Dan for Yale and the bulldog mascot is still used by the university.


Statue of the original Handsome Dan

The first costumed mascot however didn’t appear until 1964 with baseball mascot Mr. Met and college football mascot Buckeye.


Modern Day Football Mascots

While mascots are still generally used in American sports, they are also used very regularly in English football. Mascots like the Gunnersauras Rex for Arsenal, Cyril the Swan for Swansea, Deepdale Duck for Preston North End, and Beau Brummie for Birmingham City amongst many others are regularly spotted dancing and cheering up and down the side-lines. While many of the mascots have gotten into trouble for misbehaving on match days, the majority of the mascots tend to head out into the communities and visit schools to explain the importance of healthy eating and exercise to young children. In addition to the costumed mascots, in every single professional football game both league, cup and international children walk out with the professional footballers as a form of mascot. This is deemed to be a way of integrating the community feel, and originally is said to be formed from FIFA’s partnership with UNICEF for a campaign a number of years ago. Mascots continue to be a key part of the game, and while they may not be as celebrated and well-known as American mascots, they truly play a key part in English football.

UK sports charities see income rise since London 2012

Amateur sports charities have thrived since the Olympics were held in London in 2012, new analysis released today by the Charities Aid Foundation shows.

In the two years following the Olympic Games being staged in the capital there was an 11% increase in the number of large amateur sports charities in England and Wales.

During the same period, funding for amateur sports charities surged to £235 million per year – up 9%.

CAF, which promotes charitable giving and works with a number of sports charities, analysed the published financial returns of 4,200 charities which list amateurs sports as their sole cause between 2012 and 2014 – the most recent year for which data is available.

The findings have been released as Team GB continues to enjoy success at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where medals have been won in sports including shooting, canoeing, track running, rowing and tennis.

The analysis found that the post Olympics boost had mainly been felt by larger amateur sports charities – those with an annual income over £100,000.

Money received by these larger charities in donations and other sources of income grew 10% in the two years following London 2012 – up from £183.7 million to £202 million.  The number of amateur sports charities with an income greater than £100,000 rose from 174 to 194.

Among smaller sport charities – those with an annual income less than £100,000 remained fairly stable, with £32.9 million shared between 2,698 organisations in 2012, and roughly the same amount shared between 2,619 organisations in 2014.

Susan Pinkney, Head of Research at the Charities Aid Foundation, said:

“Once again the nation has been enthralled by Team GB and their heroics at the Olympics in Rio, winning medals in a wide variety of sports.

“Closer to home, it is fantastic to see that the sporting legacy left behind by the 2012 Olympics appears to be thriving.

“For the millions inspired by the brilliant performances of our Olympians, charities play a big part in helping to provide the funding, facilities and inspiration to get them to take up sports and be active.

“Many of our Team GB heroes have been motivated and supported by large and small sports charities and coached by volunteers on their route to success.

“While it is great to see the rise in income of sports charities across the UK, it’ll be important to ensure that the vital role of smaller grassroots charities does not get overlooked.  Following the inspiring success of Team GB in Rio, we hope to see an increase in the number of grassroots organisations dedicated to sport so we can continue to inspire physical activity across the nation and new generations of medal-winning athletes.”