The Premier League Season So Far 2019

The Premier League is in full flow and with 7 games played so far and some of the top teams under performing and the usual teams playing well.

The leaders at the moment are Liverpool F.C. and Manchester City, both of whom look favourites for the league. Manchester City have scored 27 goals , the highest amount in Europe.

Liverpool FC

Current European champions Liverpool are in first position to win the Premier League for the first time in over 30 years. The attacking force of Firminho, Salah and Mane are the best in the league. Liverpool fans this season are more confident than ever to win.

Leicester City

Since the arrival of Brendan Rodgers , the foxes are on a great run. They currently sit in third position and are somewhat of a surprise this season. They have won 4 out of 7 games and only lost one. Even after losing the club’s best central defender to Manchester United, Harry Maguire they have managed to win the games in convincing fashion.

Manchester United

Manchester United are in 10th position with current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer feeling the pressure to win games. Since the departure of Jose Mourinho, fans have been hopeful for the team to win trophies. Can they challenge for the title? We are doubtful unless they remain close to the leaders and make some big transfers in the January window.

Manchester City

Manchester City are the current Premier League champions and are currently in second position 5 points behind leaders Liverpool. Raheem Sterling has scored 6 goals and Sergio Aguero 8 respectively. With these numbers, Manchester City will be up there challenging to retain the league. Whilst they recently lost away to Norwich City, they have been on a winning streak and scoring more goals than any other Premier League team.

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The English Premier League is the most watched in the world and this season so far it hasn’t disappointed. As all major pundits stated, the teams to watch Manchester City and Liverpool F.C are leading the way and odds on to win. Another team that stands out is West Ham United, also only losing once and winning 3.

This season could be the best ever if the other major teams start to go on winning streaks, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City to name a few. For the latest Premier League news then be sure to subscribe to

Distant Cousins: 3 Sports Sharing a Common Ancestor with Association Football

Association football – known as “football” to most and “soccer” to the Americans – is the most-followed sport in the world. There is only one country on our planet that doesn’t have a national football team – the Marshall Islands – and even that has more than a dozen professional teams. Sports involving the kicking of balls were played widely around the world since the dawn of civilization – football as we know it, in turn, was born in the 19th century England, culminating in the creation of the Football Association in 1863. Not everyone agreed with the rules of the game sanctioned by the Association, though – this has led to the emergence of several sports with different rules that emerged over the coming years. These are the ones that are still “alive” and share a common ancestor with the game we all love today.

Gaelic football

Gaelic football is one of the most played sports in Ireland. To an outsider, it may seem like a cross between soccer and rugby – the players run with the ball in their hands but the ball is not oval but spherical. Gaelic football is, in turn, different from both in many other ways as well – the size of the field, the number of players, the size of the ball, to name just a few.

Gaelic football may or may not share a common ancestry with the game played in England at the time – it certainly is similar in enough ways to share at least its earliest ancestry with it. The sport was codified in 1887, in an effort to differentiate it from the “foreign” forms of the sport. It is the only form of football that’s only played on an “amateur” level – the players, coaches, and referees are prohibited from receiving any form of payment for their services.

Australian rules football

Aussie rules football has a lot more in common with rugby than with association football. For one, the ball is oval-shaped, and it can be carried in the players’ hands. Still, they share a common ancestor. Football was a “minor amusement” in Australia in the first half of the 19th century, played only sporadically (whereas cricket was a very popular sport). This is probably the reason why Aussie rules football is usually played on a modified cricket ground. The first Aussie club, the Melbourne Football Club, was born in 1859, and the rules of the sport were sanctioned in the same year. This was perhaps the first major football code, born before that of association football, rugby union, and Gaelic football.


The game of football played at the Rugby School would seem like a fusion of rugby and association football: while the players were allowed to touch the ball with their hands, they were not allowed to run with it in hand toward the opposing goal. Between 1820 and 1830, the innovation allowing running with the ball was introduced, setting the stage for the emergence of what we call Rugby football today. The rules of the game were codified in 1871, soon after the emergence of the FA rules, by the clubs that preferred the Rugby Rules. This led to the emergence of the Rugby Union, and the Rugby League almost 25 years later.

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The A-League-Explained

The A-League was established by the Football Federation Australia (FFA) in 2005 to succeed the National Soccer League (NSL). This decision was aimed at boosting the quality of football in the region. All traditional Australian football clubs linked to specific ethnic groups participating in the minor state-level leagues without signs of improvement were excluded. As such, the A-league has risen to come closer to Major League Soccer (MLS) than any other standard football association. Today, there are eleven teams that participate in the league, with ten teams from Australia and one from New Zealand. The league is currently referred to as the Hyundai A-League because is it sponsored by the Hyundai Motor Company.

The creation of the A-League brought many positive changes in football, with the most noticeable being football ‘de-ethinicisation’. Many football clubs embraced new brand names like Sydney FC, Melbourne Victory FC (, and Brisbane FC, etc. Besides the development of the clubs, stadiums have also grown to the extent of attracting super stars like Dwight Yorke, Alessandro Del Piero, and many others.

The A-League seasons start in October and end in May and comprises of a 25 round regular season.

The A-League seasons start in October and end in May and comprises of a 25 round regular season. It is followed by a Finals Series playoff where the highest-ranked teams finish with the grand final match. The team that wins in the regular tournament is branded the ‘Premier’ winner while the winning team in the Grand finale is branded the ‘Champions’ of the league. This is different from other renowned football tournaments in Aussie where ‘Premier’ often refers to winning team in the Grand Finale match while the winner in the regular matches is dubbed the ‘Minor Premier.’

All leading A-League clubs qualify to join the continental competition known as the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) or AFC Champions League’. Since the launch of the first season, there are has been seven winners of the A-League Premiers and six winners of the A-League Champions. Currently, Perth Glory ( is the premier winner while Sydney FC is the 2019 A-League Grand Final.

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What Makes A True Football Fan – The New Documentary

Each season football fans around the world make the journey to follow their team. Most football supporters follow their local team or club that their family members support, however it is now more common than ever that this is not the case. Some fans travel across the world to watch games and Betway have created a fantastic documentary that tells the story of some of the West Ham United fans that do exactly that.

Take Pan for example, a West Ham supporter from Shanghai, China, who started following ‘The Irons’ after seeing the team on a videogame. Several seasons ago, Mark Noble posted a picture with Pan on Twitter which went viral with the caption ‘All the way from China!’. Pan had made the 6000 mile journey to East London where the West Ham United training center is to try and meet his favourite player whilst on his honeymoon.

These overseas fans are just as invested in the team success and losses as fans living in the same city. The passion they have for the club is just as much as any other fans. Football clubs now recognise the global impact of their team and many will arrange tours during preseason, West Ham in the Asia Trophy for example who were joined by Manchester City, Newcastle United and Wolves. West Ham lost their two games but in both games there were thousands of Chinese fans supporting the team, singing the songs.

The documentary shows how fan Pan gets to meet Mark Noble again whilst West Ham United were on the preseason tour and shares some gifts. Mark Noble appreciates his fans and discusses how he doesn’t recognise himself as a football idol and calls it surreal especially when there are other players such as Messi and Ronaldo that fans can follow.

Declan Rice and Pablo Zabaleta also appear in the documentary and state how they are surprised how fans know their names on the other side of the world. The Premier League is a global brand and millions of fans each week watch the matches. West Ham United now have their website translated and content created just for the overseas markets.

A great line in the documentary is when the reporter states – Whether it is going week in week out or getting up in the middle of the night to watch on TV, that dedication is what it is all about, that’s what makes a true football fan.

Whether it is going week in week out or getting up in the middle of the night to watch on TV, that dedication is what it is all about, that’s what makes a true football fan.


How far do you travel to watch your favourite football team? Do you now any super fans like Pan that travel huge distances to be at games. We at would love to hear your comments. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and for the latest football news visit

Here is the documentary ‘Over Land and Sea – What makes a true football fan?’:

The Premier League is knocking on the door!

The 2019/20 season of the top English league is about to commence, and the hype is already hitting the roof. The upcoming season will be its 28th edition of the competition. Manchester City are the defending champions, and they will surely be looking to keep it that way.

Twenty teams will be competing in the league, seventeen of which were the top teams from the previous season and the three remaining teams have been promoted from the EFL Championship. The promoted teams are Norwich City, Sheffield United and Aston Villa.

The three promoted teams have replaced Cardiff City, Fulham and Huddersfield Town.

You can remain updated with the football scores today by visiting the Premier League website with the commencement of the tournament.

When does the Premier League 2019/20 season start?

The Premier League season 2019/20 is scheduled to start on the 10th of August 2019 with the first seven games to be played on the same day at different venues.

The opening match of the tournament will be played between Liverpool and Norwich. The 2019/20 edition of the Premier League will be the first season to have a mid-season break in February 2020.

The season is scheduled to end on the 17th of May 2020 with the last game being played between West Ham and Aston Villa. Interestingly enough, this will be the first season to use VAR (Video Assisted Referees) for all their games.

Contenders for the League

As soon as the last season of the Premier League finished with Manchester United as the champions, discussions and speculations started doing the rounds for which team might win the competition in the next season.

Well, the new season is here, and fans have already picked their favorite teams and are supporting them. Here is our guess on the top contenders for winning the Premier League 2019/20:

Where can you watch the Premier League?

The games can be watched on Sky Sports as the Premier League has signed a three year TV deal with the broadcaster.

Games can also be streamed on the SkyGo mobile application.

Amazon Prime is another option for those who wish to but cannot make it to the stadium. The games will be streamed live on the application for those with a subscription.

Fantasy Football!

Fantasy Football is a virtual game or competition in which anyone can sign up and create their imaginary teams by choosing among players in a league and score points according to the actual performance of their players.

Fantasy football can be played just for fun, or even bets can be placed on their players and teams. A team is assembled, and points are earned according to the real life performance of your selected players.

There are dedicated websites that will help you set-up and help you operate your fantasy team and even calculate the football betting odds for you.

Millions of fantasy football players take this form of the sport seriously feel more connected and indulgent towards their favorite players and teams. After all, having the best players in the world on your side, helping you make money has its own kick to it.

Final words

The premier league is right around the corner, and football fans are expecting everything and more. The season has gathered a lot of attention and expectations are flying.

The long stretched season tends to lose some attention, and you might even miss a few games sometimes. But you can remain updated with the latest football scores and statistics of the games regardless of which one you missed.

5 Best Arsenal Youngsters to Watch in the 2019/20 Premier League

Losing key players as the summer transfer window was an unmitigated disaster. Plenty is exciting, but this is a tricky start with all focus on young prospects. There are five young players that anyone can’t ignore. They certainly deserve to squeeze their way into the 1st team plans for the beginning season. They are

Reiss Nelson

Reiss has a blossoming season at Hoffenheim. He has earned a place at the under 21 England side on the championships. Nelson is quite a pick when it comes to Arsenal’s armoury. Having scored seven goals for the German club, he is beneficiary of how loan spell can be of use to young footballers.

With his time overseas, he has shown impeccable strategies that he has a fresh raw talent to offer in the premier league season. He can muscle his way into the start line by providing a fantastic skillset against defences.

Emile Smith Rowe

Making a name for himself in the gunner’s record books, Rowe is the first arsenal’s player to be born in the 2000s. He has an intelligent midfielder attacking technique and can offer creative talent.

Rowe has quick feet, an eye to making a pass as well as a determination which might make him an alternative. Be vigilant on this space as the horizon is soon to change.

Eddie Nketiah

Having arrived from Chelsea back in 2015, the London born striker is adored by fans and bookies alike. Various sites, including, offers punters a chance to stake a bet on their favourite players. With quite a few hindrances due to the recruitments of Pierre-Emerick Aubamayang as well as Alexandre Lacazette, this youngster has massive talent. Having scored a goal in the premier league held in May against Burney he has quite the skills that are needed.

Joe Willock

Willock made his first debut in September 2017. However, he has only made four league appearances for the Arsenal. Sven Mislintat showed his frustrations when the youngster wants to offer a chance after Denis Suarez made an entrance in January

Despite all that, Willock is a dynamic midfielder who adores while having the ball. He has quick feet as well as clean dribbling that has made him a prospect this coming season.

He showcased his skills when he was a substitute at Europa league, thus making a name for himself.

Bukayo Saka

He is a young prospect that the club’s manager has eyes on. He, however, has unfortunate events while trying to break into the gunner’s side since Christmas. It was Suarez signing that halted Bukayo on his tracks. Luckily his name might be around the corner.

The 17 year-old winger has one league appearance in the last season which was a 7-minute cameo against Fulham. He has full potential and deserves a shot at the upcoming season.


By welcoming these youngsters the season is sure to take a significant turn. Bookies and bet masters are on their toes to offer favourable odds to punters. By logging into various sites, such as, one can find their favourite and young player and stake a bet on them. For the latest Premier League news then visit the number 1 soccer website online

Latest Transfers and Football News

The new football season is just around the corner, which automatically means a lot of action on the summer transfer market. Thousands of players are going to change clubs in the upcoming weeks, and here are some of the most interesting rumors and gossip talks.

One of the best Bayer Leverkusen players for the last couple of seasons Leon Bailey was connected to Bayern Munich a lot lately. Unfortunately for the Bavarian fans, the club’s coach Niko Kovac has stated today there is not going to be any deal signed with that player this summer. One of the most popular websites for player transfers Transfermarkt has carried out earlier that the German champions already convinced 21-years-old winner to sign a four-year contract, but now we know that was far from being true. Bailey joined Leverkusen in 2017 coming from the Belgium club KRC Genk. He bagged 17 goals in 83 appearances for the German outfit and has a standing contract until 2023. What is interesting to add is that he signed a new deal last August. He is playing for Jamaican national football team and allegedly there is a lot of interest for his services from top German and some French teams. Bavarians will have to look for another winger now this deal being impossible to happen. Replacing Arjen Robben is not an easy thing to do that is for sure.

Club’s President Uli Hoeness has been trying to bring Manchester City’s winger Leroy Sane to Allianz Arena for quite some time now. On the other hand, The Citizens are doing everything they can to make Leroy sign a contract extension.

Van Dijk Praises His Former Teammate, soon Arsenal’s Player?

One of the best defenders in the world Virgil Van Dijk has recently talked a lot about his former teammate Kieran Tierney, the former Celtic player who is most likely going to make a move to Arsenal FC soon. Van Dijk encouraged Tierney to accept the Premier League challenge ahead of him. The left-back has a lot of potentials, and his quality was more than evident in Celtic’s UEFA Champions Qualifying matches against Sarajevo and Nomme Kalju. The Glasgow Giants have already refused two offers coming from the Emirates, sticking to their initial $31 million release fee. Virgil was a member of the Bhoys between 2013 and 2015 before making a move to the Premier League (Southampton). During his stay in Scotland Tierney had a debut as a 17 – years old. Since then, Tierney collected 110 appearances for Celtic FC, including 11 games for the Scottish national football team. He also won the Scottish Writers’ and Players’ Young Player of the Year for three consecutive times! He would surely be a great addition to the Gunners who seem to struggle when it comes to their backline for years now. If you fancy placing bets on players transfers, or you simply want to get some free bets for the upcoming season, worth check out what the Best Betting Sites in the UK have to offer. With the season starting there are lots of bonus offers and welcome packages, including many enhanced odds both for existing and new customers.

Dybala In, Lukaku Out?

Juventus fans are seemingly not happy with a potential swap on the horizon. Allegedly, the Old Lady is ready to swap Paulo Dybala for Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku. There is no big need to mention that people at Old Trafford would accept this offer in a matter of seconds if it was true. There was a lot of money spent to get Lukaku to Old Trafford. The Belgium international scored 42 goals in the last two campaigns but it seems that is just not enough to make him stay. The main reason behind his potential departure is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s strategy on the pitch where he doesn’t see Lukaku fit, being after a bit more mobile strikers. Marcus Rashford is doing one hell of a job keeping his number nine position in Manchester, so the stories about Lukaku’s potential transfer are not surprising at all.

Inter Milan was the most persistent club in Europe that tried to get Lukaku’s signature. However, every one of their four offers was declined by Manchester United. The Dybala – Lukaku swap is still at the early stage of negotiations, but there is no doubt The Reds would be the potential winners here. Fans welcomed this idea, as Dybala could replace Jesse Lingard or Andreas Pereira in the starting line up with current Solskjaer’s formation.

The Argentine striker was originally noticed wearing Palermo jersey in 2010. Three years after he was brought to Torino and played a crucial role in winning many Serie A and domestic cups.


Latest Premier League Transfer News

Koscielny Refused To Travel With The Team To US

Team spirits at the Emirates are not high. Squad’s captain Laurent Koscielny announced that he won’t join the rest of the team on a trip to the United States. Arsenal’s chiefs have already initiated a disciplinary measure against the French defender for refusing to fulfill his part of the contract and attend the pre-season tour. According to the latest news, Koscielny is desperate to force the club to allow him to join Ligue 1 team this summer. Bordeaux was one of the most interested teams in acquiring his services. The Gunner’s board is not going to let him without a fee though. There are still 12 months left in his contract tying him to London. Nothing is going to happen in this case without some concrete offer so refrain to bet on it as suggested by some leading betting predictions sites in the UK. Laurent has spent nine seasons playing for Arsenal FC and judging by his behavior, he thinks the current treatment is unfair. Arsenal’s spokesperson has expressed disappointment with the captain’s decision, hoping to resolve the issue in the upcoming days. The Gunners are going to play at least four games in their USA tour – against Colorado Rapids, Bayern Munich, Fiorentina, and Real Madrid.

Lukaku Very Close To Inter Milan Move

Romelu Lukaku is ready to leave Old Trafford after a couple of unsuccessful seasons. The Belgium striker was happy to hear that Manchester United and Inter Milan are slowly closing the negotiations on the fee. Lukaku was told by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer there is no room for him in the starting roster for the upcoming season, so former Everton star decided to make a move. Inter Milan are most likely going to sell Mauri Iccardi to the highest bidder, so Romelu is at the top of the list of Antonio Conte’s wishes.

Lukaku was not happy under Jose Mourinho who was giving a lot more minutes and space to Marcus Rashford. Nothing changed really after Solskjaer took over the squad. Interestingly, Conte has attempted to sign this player numerous times in the past. The first try was as Juventus head manager in 2014, and then as CFC boss three years later. Belgium international has scored 42 times wearing Man Utd’s jersey in 96 appearances. He joined the Red Devils in 2017.

Aston Villa Sign Ezri Konsa

Aston Villa has announced the signing of an under-20 World Cup winner from England’s squad, Ezri Konsa. He was previously a member of Brentford, and the transfer fee for this player is set to £12 million. Interestingly, Konsa will join up with his former boss Dean Smith at Villa Park. He had one hell of a season in the Championship, so a move to a bigger club definitely doesn’t surprise anyone. Smith was thrilled with the news, adding Konsa has high potential to be a standard member of England’s main team in the near future.

This was seventh transfer for the squad from Birmingham, as they are trying to make an impactful return to the top English flight. They already signed Tyrone Mings, Jota, El Ghazi, Kortney Hause, and Matt Targett. Konsa also added he is thrilled to meet and work with John Terry.

The rest of Aston Villa’s squad is currently in the United States, working on their pre-season preparations. The first English Premier League clash is scheduled for early August. Villans will travel to London to face UEFA Champions League finalists Tottenham Hotspur.

Who is going to be new Newcastle United head manager?

News of Rafael Benitez leaving St James Park was not welcomed by the fans. The club decided to part ways with the Spaniard expert and lookup for some alternatives for the position of head manager. Benitez got a rich offer from the Chinese Super League, and he decided to take it.

One of the most recent links was Sam Allardyce. However, The Big Sam stated today he didn’t want to launch the negotiations process at all. The former manager of Bolton, West Ham United, and England’s national football team already was in charge of the Magpies back in 2008. That episode was a true nightmare though. The last job he had was Everton in May 2018.

Some of the other potential candidates to take this position according to the media are Mikel Arteta, Steve Bruce and surprisingly, Jose Mourinho.

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Arsenal FC – Premier League Preview

Arsenal Football Club is one of the top teams in the English Premier League established way back in 1886 as a munition workers team from Woolwich, currently known as Southeast London. In the year 1891, it became a professional team, and two years later, it joined the Football League. The club has tremendously improved to become one of the most successful football clubs in London. Currently, the club has massive followers and some of the best-paid footballers in the world. The club has a unique playing style (scintillating) admired by millions of fans which focuses more on attacking than defending.

Team Squad 2019/2020

Arsenal Football Club has some best players lead by the Spanish coach Unai Emery and a dedicated team of goalkeepers, defenders, and midfielders and forwards. The club has some of the best players in the world who have put in Stirling performance for the team lately. Team members such as Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Bernd Leno, and the rest have placed the club in their current position.

Key Players for the club

Alexandre Lacazette is a crucial member of the club and a great striker even though he has not scored as many goals as Abumeyang. Alexandre scored seven goals and assisted four, and won a penalty against Manchester United. Also, he forced an own goal against the opponents at the Arsenals big matches. He has demonstrated teamwork where he’s built a good relationship with Abumeyang. Fans can follow up clubs latest news at live routlette at

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Aubameyang is undoubtedly the leading Arsenal player with a total of 31 goals and assisted in netting seven goals. Also, he missed several big chances but made smart moves in the field. He blends quite well with any team member irrespective of the match venue. In addition, he displayed excellent performance when he scored four goals during their match against Valencia.

He pulled a surprise when he scored a total of 22 goals at the league’s games and eventually won a golden boot in his first year in the English football.

Bernd Leno

The 27-year-old German national made a name for himself and became Unai Emery favorite goalkeeper. He helped Arsenal kept nine clean sheets despite a poor performance by the defense. He displayed excellent performance during Arsenal matches against Manchester United, Spurs and Chelsea. Leno will have to put up his best foot forward has Cech terms comes to an end when he retires next year.

Laurent Koscielny

The French defender suffered a little setback last May due to Achilles tendon rupture and fans wrote him off. However, a year later, he came out strongly and proved he’s not yet done putting his best foot forward. He made a total of 30 appearances in Arsenal Matches and assisted the team to keep clean sheets with his Stirling defense skills.


Arsenal has put up an excellent performance, and under Unai’s leadership, the club has made a big come in their matches. Dedicated team members and their play style have seen them earn millions of fans across the world.  You will get comprehensive news about the arsenal stars, their upcoming fixtures, and results.


Predicting Who Will Win the Women’s World Cup

With the remaining stretch of the eighth edition of the Women’s World Cup ahead of us, the final is within sight and it’s time to start thinking about which teams could be crowned the winners. The results so far suggest that the Netherlands have improved their chances of reaching the finals. But the top picks from fans and critics alike are the USA, France, Germany and England who have all performed brilliantly so far and are the top predictions for a 2019 World Cup win.


With odds of 7/4 to win, the defending champions have been ruthless on the pitch against their competitors, achieving 18 goals in three straight wins with none conceded. Head coach Jill Ellis has been quoted as saying that there is humility among the team and that the players have gained enough experience to know that every win has to be earned, so they won’t be relaxing until the title is theirs. Since the competition started, the US team have been in the top list of potential winners so it will be interesting to see how the games play out and whether the US squad can live up to their reputation, other teams will need help with the defence if they want to overcome this US squad, to try outlast them in a low scoring game rather than matching the firepower..

USA, France, Germany and England who have all performed brilliantly so far and are the top predictions for a 2019 World Cup win.


A home win for France in Lyon would be a huge triumph, particularly as a large proportion of the team are from Lyon, and with two strong World Cup wins this decade, it’s not an unfeasible aim. Les Bleues reached fourth in 2011 and the quarterfinals in 2015, but could 2019 be their year? The team have odds of 7/2 to win and have overcome some challenges so far in the competition, including an own-goal against Norway, but they’ve also been on an eight-match winning streak that they’re hoping to maintain.


2018 was Germany’s down point, after their male counterparts finished bottom in a World Cup group for the first time in their history, but 2019 could be the year to turn it around if the women’s team can succeed. Germany will be expecting to win but with an incredibly strong competition this year, there are a number of rivals that are going to put up a fight against the squad. The bookies have Germany down as 13/2 to win and despite losing their first qualifying game to Iceland, they’ve been on a great winning streak, not conceding a single goal.


The Lionesses have completed a 100% record in Group D, so it should be a straightforward task, but captain Steph Houghton has warned that the team know they can play better, so they’ll be pulling out all the stops to prove that as the finals draw closer. England booked their spot in the last 16 stage when they won 2-1 against their Scottish rivals in their opening Group D fixture. Phil Neville’s team have emerged as a serious contender for the victory and are backed by odds of 7/1 for this tournament and are now set to face Cameroon in the last 16.


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