Can Liverpool Win The Premier League At The Etihad?

It’s been a long time coming for Liverpool fans but finally it looks like the Premier League trophy may be heading Merseyside for the first time in 30 years. Despite coming so close in recent season, the Reds have had to settle for second best behind their two main League rivals, Manchester United and Manchester City.

Going into the 2019/20 season, Manchester City were the favourites after beating Liverpool to the title by a point on the final day of the 2018/19 season. It was the best title race recent Premier League memory with Manchester City finishing on 98 points.

Last season, Manchester City only slipped up with two draws and four loses across the whole campaign. Fast forward to today and just 24 games into the new season, they have drawn three and lost five. This means they’ll be nowhere near that 98 points total come May. In fact, even if they won all of the remaining games, they would still only end up on 93 points. And as for Manchester United, well they’ll be lucky if they have a manager at the end of the season!

Liverpool on the other hand have been fantastic. They have played 22 and won 21, only dropping points in a 1-1 draw with Manchester United. Plus they still have two games in hand over Manchester City, Leicester City and Chelsea. Potentially that means a possible 70 points from 24 games. City are on 51. At this rate, they are on course for a staggering 112 points which is predicated on them winning all of their remaining 16 games.

This would smash the Premier League points record which is currently held by Manchester City. Gabriel Jesus gave City a 0-1 win over Southampton in the last game of the 2017/18 which resulted in a seasonal total of 100 points.

If Liverpool can win the rest of their games, they would join Arsenal (2003/04) as the only other side to go a whole Premier League season without losing. Looking at the next few upcoming games, only Wolves away looks even mildly dicey for the Reds.

But if both Liverpool and Manchester City stay on track and maintain their winning ways, Liverpool could actually win the 2019/20 Premier League at The Etihad.

Taking the crown from the defending Champions, on their home turf, would certainly make for entertaining afternoon of sport. City are scheduled to take on Liverpool on the 4th April which is the same day as the 2020 Grand National in Liverpool, suggesting that the game could be moved to the following day. The title could be decided at the Etihad because a win for Klopp’s side would put them 23 points ahead of Man City with six games to go.

This won’t be easy as City are still a very good side and will relish the opportunity to break Liverpool’s unbeaten run. But the road ahead for City is a tough one. Between now and when they’re due to play Liverpool, City take on Tottenham Hotspurs, Leicester City, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea in the Premier League.

If they do drop points, Liverpool could wrap up the title even sooner. But surely beating Pep and his team of superstars at their own ground would be worth the wait.

The top two footballers make over $12’000 per hour

For years, the world of football – especially European football – has had its eyes trained on English football. The issue, most see, is how the smallest clubs in the English top flight can afford to go and buy players from just about any club in the world.

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How else do you explain the calibre of players who are moving to the likes of Wolverhampton Wanderers, for example? How can it be right that players would rather compete in the lower reaches of the English to-flight than, for example, play and win titles with FC Porto of Portugal?

However, while Wolves are actually a poor example of this given their historical potential, many European leagues dislike the Premier League given it’s ability to pay so much across the board. Where this falls down, though, is the change at the top. Yes, the average Premier League weekly wage is around $63,700. However, the highest earner in the Premier League – per hour – is Paul Pogba. Earning around $3,350/hour, his earnings seem ludicrous. And in keeping with Premier League largesse.

However, according to the sports bookmaker site Find Betting Sites, Pogba is only fifth in the world for earnings. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronald, though, earn over $12,000 per hour. That means that for all of the talk of Premier League players earnings such disgusting sums, Ronaldo and Messi often earn in about a quarter of a day what your average Premier League player does in a week!

The problem with the English perception, then, is where the wages go. You see clubs in the top-flight with little history or prestige signing players for eight-figure sums, buying players who normally would not consider them. All because even the smallest clubs in the Premier League has access to huge sums of money.

Fun at the bottom, tight at the top

However, as is noted above, not a single Premier League player can even get close to the wages that Ronaldo or Messi earn. Even Neymar Jr, who is often linked with a move to England with Manchester United, is close to the Premier League wage. He earns around $10.25k per hour – far more than top earner Pogba.

As such, it’s hard to see how the top clubs can be as much of an issue here as is made out. For example, ‘oil club’ Manchester City have one (active) player on the list; Sergio Aguero. Even he ‘only’ earns $2,675k per hour, however – far less than Messi, Ronaldo, or Neymar.

The main problem, then, is that the very elite players can earn far in excess what they can in England often by heading to Spain. Others choose to try out China. For example, Oscar, formerly of Chelsea, earns around $3,119k per hour with Shanghai SIPG. That’s far closer to Pogba is than Pogba is even to Gareth Bale of Real Madrid.

So, the next time you see Premier League money being ruled as the corrupting heart of all of football, just remember that, for the most part, the money is used to hold up the bottom rather than separate the top.

Betting Companies Increase Sponsorship in The Premier League & La Liga

Over the past several seasons there has been somewhat of a shift in the industries involved in sponsoring football teams and appearing on the front of the shirts. The kit sponsors used to be dominated by the financial services, electronics and the automotive industry, however nowadays we see more betting companies appearing on football club’s kits. This increase has ensured that clubs are getting record-breaking deals year-on-year, as betting companies try to entice punters to play online, while betting comparison sites such as the BettingLounge, offer bonuses for the main brands on their site.

These major gaming and betting companies have seen the benefit of having a major team advertising their brand and this looks to continue.

Teams with Betting Sponsorships

Here are some of the new advertising partnerships currently in place in both The Premier League and Spain’s La Liga.

Aston Villa – W88

The Oldest club in the Premier League announced this summer a record-breaking commercial agreement with W88 to be Principal Partner for the 2019/20 season. W88 is a rapidly growing brand in the gaming industry with a strong presence in Asia. They specialise in sports betting, live dealer casino, poker, slots and lottery games.

Newcastle United – Fun88

Another major team that completed the biggest deal in their history after agreeing a three-year contract with Fun88 reportedly worth over £30 million.

West Ham United – Betway

The online betting company must have seen great benefit in sponsoring Premier League football team West Ham United after also announcing the largest partnership deal in its history, renewing the agreement with Betway as the Club’s principal partner.

Watford FC –

Another record-breaking deal for Watford FC means that they will have the SportsBet logo on their shirts for the next several seasons, and in addition to that the Hornets will wear the Bitocoin logo on their sleeve.

RCD Mallorca – BetFred

La Liga teams have also been busy getting deals in this lucrative market agreeing to be sponsored by famous UK Bookmaker BetFred. The deal is undisclosed but it will be also higher than anything the Spanish club has received in the past.

Sevilla – Marathon Bet

Marathon Bet have entered the sponsorship market by paying a reported 10 million euros to be advertised on the shirts of Sevilla.

Valencia – Bwin

Betting website bwin and Valencia CF have extended their sponsorship deal until June 30th, 2020 illustrating that the brand awareness from sponsoring the team has been worth the investment.

We at fully expect an increase in betting companies partnering with major football teams. The brand awareness and return on investment means that the rise will continue and we fully expect deals to get bigger and bigger. For the latest football news from the Premier League then remember to bookmark

Profile of West Ham United Player Declan Rice

This week on we have decided to give our readers information, statistics and a guide to West Ham United central defender / midfielder Declan Rice.

Growing Up

Declan Rice was born in Kingston upon Thames, London and first joined Chelsea as a youth team player. After being released at the age of 14 he joined the ranks of West Ham United youth team.

West Ham United  

Just after one year of joining the club and impressing the coaching staff, the player signed his first professional contract. From making his debut to last year becoming the runner-up for Hammer of the Year award behind Marko Arnautović, Declan Rice has had an incredible rise to the top.

This season, the stats for the Hammers have been equally impressive and he is without doubt a top talent. With this other teams are reportedly keeping a close eye on the defender / central midfielder.  He has made more tackles than anyone in the Premier League this season and is also high on the list when it comes to the amount of interceptions he makes in a game. Whilst West Ham United won’t be interested in selling him just yet, other big clubs will be expected to make serious inquiries in the summer. For a 20 year England international with some of the leagues best stats, expect the price to be upwards of £40 million plus.

Declan Rice has made more tackles than anyone in the Premier League this season and is also high on the list when it comes to the amount of interceptions he makes in a game.

International Career

Whilst born in London, his paternal grandparents are from Cork, Ireland. With this Declan Rice had to make a decision between playing for the Republic of Ireland and England. Having played for Ireland in friendlies, England approached the player to determine if he would play international football with them. This year Declan Rice decided to go with his homeland of England and play international fixtures whenever called. Since this change of allegiance, the scrutiny of the player has been more than ever. At just 20 years of age Declan Rice has the ability and skill set to become England captain for many years.

Outside Football

Declan Rice and West Ham United teamed up with Betway Football in this fantastic car clamp prank along with team captain Mark Noble. These pranks are great for fans to see as it brings out the natural side of the players as opposed to standard press interviews when everything seems scripted. Declan Rice and Mark Noble both show their sense of humor. Watch below.


Here are some Fun Facts about Arsenal that you Might Not Know Already

We all know that Arsenal are easily one of the biggest football clubs in England. They currently have 13 league titles and they also have a record of having 13 FA Cups too. They have been home to some of the greatest players, and even managers in the Premier League and this just goes to show how far they have come over the years. The team have had Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp, Thierry Henry and even Arsene Wenger. The greatest season for Arsenal came when they had their 2003 season. They went on to win the whole Premiership and they actually went unbeaten too. A lot of people know that the club started out at the southern end of the Thames and it wasn’t actually until the year 1914 that they changed their name from Woolwich. If you are interested in knowing some more facts about the Gunners, and even how that came to be their nickname then take a look below.

Tea with the Queen

The Arsenal team are the only football organisation to have had tea with the Queen. In the year 2006, the Queen was supposed to open up the Emirates Stadium for the team. She had to pull out as she had experienced a back injury and this ultimately meant that the Duke of Edinburgh stepped in. The Queen, to show support then stepped in and invited the manager, players and chairman to the palace. They all had a spot of Afternoon tea. The entire team were then able to share some biscuits and they also partook in a few hot beverages. Cesc Fabregas, who at the time was only 19 years of age spoke with Spanish radio about his encounter. He stated that by the looks of things, the Queen follows football and she actually told them that she is an Arsenal fan. She knew who he was instantly and the two exchanged words. If you are a fan of Arsenal as well then why not check out Slots of Vegas? There are plenty of football-themed games on there for you to try and it is a great way for you to pass some time while you wait for the upcoming games by the Gunners.

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Milan Magic

Henry looked to have bagged twice in the year 2003. Fabregas and Emmanuel Adebayor then struck late in the year 2008 and this helped Arsenal to make sure that they were the first British team to beat both clubs at San Siro. After this happened, the Gunners were then able to take a win in the Europa league and they also really played hard during the semi-finals. This was a great time for the team, and it showed everyone that they were in fact capable of so much more than they originally thought. This was a great time to be an Arsenal fan.

Dyed in Woolwich

Did you know that the original meaning for the name Arsenal is actually a collection of military equipment and weapons? In the year 1886, David Danskin, along with 15 other munitions workers set up the club. They named it the Royal Arsenal Complex and it was based in Woolwich. The club’s crest, even the new one, has a cannon and this is otherwise known as being the Gunner. This is where the nickname came from. Danskin and all of his friends were cannon makers, and this helps to explain the club’s nickname.

The original meaning for the name Arsenal is actually a collection of military equipment and weapons

Broadcasting Favourites

Despite what a lot of people might say, the broadcasting world certainly has a soft spot for Arsenal. The home game that they played against Sheffield in 1927 was the first ever English game to be broadcasted on the radio. When you look at 10 years later, you will find that there was a clash between the first team and the reserves, and this happened to be the first match that was ever televised live. Arsenal were also the first team to be broadcasted in 3D too. This is very interesting to say the least and if you are a fan of Arsenal then you will know what a huge deal this was at the time. Of course, if you have never watched them then you will be glad to know that this is very easy to do. A lot of their games are broadcasted on Sky Sports and they are always playing in their finest form.

Herbert Chapman

Another interesting fact about Arsenal is that they were involved in the highest scoring draw ever. They were under the stewardship of Herbert Chapman. The game happened to end up in a 6-6 draw and this was a thrilling game to say the least. The game happened in the year 1930 and it was a show-stopping performance from all of the players involved. Of course, you may know that over 27,000 people piled onto Filbert street after the game and they couldn’t quite believe what they had witnessed. This actually happened to be the home of Leicester City and it’s something that the people of the town certainly won’t forget. Three players stood out that day, including Cliff Bastin, who played for Arsenal. He grabbed a double but Dave Halliday actually went on to score four goals. He was able to get the ball past Joe Wright who was keeping the goal for the Foxes. Sure, this was probably a bit embarrassing for him, but the team looked to pull forward and eventually it would seem that they gave Arsenal a run for their money. By the looks of things, not much has changed since these days because Arsenal are still doing whatever they can to come out on top of the league and they are also pushing forward. They are serious contenders and they are really trying to make the name that they are known for stand out among the rest. They’re an all-round stellar team and this all boils down to their rich history.

What is Happening to Manchester United

Football fans around the world are in shock at how one of the biggest teams in football is performing on the field. Since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson 6 years ago the club has undergone a transformation in staff and players.
What was an extremely successful football club on the pitch is now sitting in 12th position, just 2 points off relegation. Whilst there has only been 8 games played in the Premier League, this is the worst start to the campaign in the history of the club. Here are the issues that people are pointing to as the reasons behind the issues:

The Owners – The Glaziers & Ed Woodward

Since the owners purchased the club there has been many which have been unhappy at hierarchy. Even though they have been financially successful, posting record revenues this year, this has not been the same on the pitch. Appointed Edward Woodward, by profession is a chartered accountant but is the vice executive Chairman at the club. Many have criticised his inability to bring in the best players.

The Manager – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

When the former striker started at Old Trafford, he transformed the club, winning 12+ games in a row. During this period the club gave him the contract and since then this is when the club has been struggling. With no win away from home since February, many pundits are predicting a short reign, even before Christmas if the results carry on. Keep up with the latest predictions and odds at Betolimp and for South African readers Betolimp SA

The Players – Paul Pogba etc. 

The French world cup winner Paul Pogba is the highest paid player at the club and his performances have not been top class on a regular basis. Will he be going to Real Madrid in the January transfer market, potentially. Other players which are being blamed for the run of results is out of form striker Marcus Rashford. With no goals, many are asking how he can continue playing with his lack of goals and confidence. are big fans of both players but it will be an interesting time at Old Trafford if the performances don’t improve.

With the addition of James, Maguire and Bassaka many predicted that the club would challenge for the title, however the only club currently competing is Manchester City and Liverpool.

What do you think of the current status at Old Trafford, how soon will they start to win games and challenge for major trophies? For the latest Manchester United news then subscribe here.

Top 5 Hidden Secrets Revealed on How to Bet on Soccer Successfully

Nearly every person bets on soccer sports. It’s by far the most popular sport that punters are accustomed to online. Sadly, most people end up making losses. Do you often find yourself losing money to the online gambling agency? Do you want to change this narrative? Here are some hidden secrets revealed on how to bet on soccer successfully

  • Maintain strict discipline

There’s a clear and simple rule that one needs to adhere to when it comes to gambling. That is, only stake an amount you can afford to lose. It applies to soccer betting.

However, most people ignore this fundamental principle. You may find yourself on a bad run and get tempted to place larger bets to win back your money. The tactic rarely ends up in a rosy manner.

You must stop chasing losses. It’s a grave mistake, especially among novice soccer punters.

You should build on your funds slowly and gradually.

  • Keep a record

Who keeps a record of all their soccer betting games? Sadly, very few people do. To become a successful soccer bettor, you must have a detailed history of all your bets. If you find yourself with various bookmakers, you must have a record of each. It will enable you to keep track of your losses as well as winning. You will be able to analyze which types are more successful than others critically.

With an online account, you have to visit your playing history continually. The simple spreadsheet will act as a basic guideline, and you will know when to cut your losses.

  • Stay away from risky markets

There exist markets such as correct score market which are quite captivating. It’s quite enticing, but you’ll hardly get a bet in this market. You need to stay clear of high-risk, high reward markets as an amateur punter. You must select decent odds that are more likely to come true.

  • Take advantage of the welcome bonus

How often do you enjoy bonuses as well as promotional offers in a gaming site? Various gambling sites, including situs Judi online, have surprising rewards. If you are new to a soccer gaming, don’t fear taking advantage of the bonuses. They are of great value and minimal risks. You can play without risking real money to get the hang of it.

  • Shop around

Most punters tend to stick to one online gambling site. Why restrict your self to one soccer betting agency while there are other numerous sites? Odd vary in different markets. You need to shop around for the best site with ideal odds. Be aware of the trends and know about various odds

To be a successful soccer bettor, you need to be mindful of what the professional punters are doing. By adhering to the points stated above, you are sure to change your soccer story. You can apply these secrets to any gambling sites, including situs Judi online. Don’t forget to diversify your money while playing. Most importantly bet on a team you are familiar with every time.

The Premier League Season So Far 2019

The Premier League is in full flow and with 7 games played so far and some of the top teams under performing and the usual teams playing well.

The leaders at the moment are Liverpool F.C. and Manchester City, both of whom look favourites for the league. Manchester City have scored 27 goals , the highest amount in Europe.

Liverpool FC

Current European champions Liverpool are in first position to win the Premier League for the first time in over 30 years. The attacking force of Firminho, Salah and Mane are the best in the league. Liverpool fans this season are more confident than ever to win.

Leicester City

Since the arrival of Brendan Rodgers , the foxes are on a great run. They currently sit in third position and are somewhat of a surprise this season. They have won 4 out of 7 games and only lost one. Even after losing the club’s best central defender to Manchester United, Harry Maguire they have managed to win the games in convincing fashion.

Manchester United

Manchester United are in 10th position with current manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer feeling the pressure to win games. Since the departure of Jose Mourinho, fans have been hopeful for the team to win trophies. Can they challenge for the title? We are doubtful unless they remain close to the leaders and make some big transfers in the January window.

Manchester City

Manchester City are the current Premier League champions and are currently in second position 5 points behind leaders Liverpool. Raheem Sterling has scored 6 goals and Sergio Aguero 8 respectively. With these numbers, Manchester City will be up there challenging to retain the league. Whilst they recently lost away to Norwich City, they have been on a winning streak and scoring more goals than any other Premier League team.

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The English Premier League is the most watched in the world and this season so far it hasn’t disappointed. As all major pundits stated, the teams to watch Manchester City and Liverpool F.C are leading the way and odds on to win. Another team that stands out is West Ham United, also only losing once and winning 3.

This season could be the best ever if the other major teams start to go on winning streaks, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City to name a few. For the latest Premier League news then be sure to subscribe to

Distant Cousins: 3 Sports Sharing a Common Ancestor with Association Football

Association football – known as “football” to most and “soccer” to the Americans – is the most-followed sport in the world. There is only one country on our planet that doesn’t have a national football team – the Marshall Islands – and even that has more than a dozen professional teams. Sports involving the kicking of balls were played widely around the world since the dawn of civilization – football as we know it, in turn, was born in the 19th century England, culminating in the creation of the Football Association in 1863. Not everyone agreed with the rules of the game sanctioned by the Association, though – this has led to the emergence of several sports with different rules that emerged over the coming years. These are the ones that are still “alive” and share a common ancestor with the game we all love today.

Gaelic football

Gaelic football is one of the most played sports in Ireland. To an outsider, it may seem like a cross between soccer and rugby – the players run with the ball in their hands but the ball is not oval but spherical. Gaelic football is, in turn, different from both in many other ways as well – the size of the field, the number of players, the size of the ball, to name just a few.

Gaelic football may or may not share a common ancestry with the game played in England at the time – it certainly is similar in enough ways to share at least its earliest ancestry with it. The sport was codified in 1887, in an effort to differentiate it from the “foreign” forms of the sport. It is the only form of football that’s only played on an “amateur” level – the players, coaches, and referees are prohibited from receiving any form of payment for their services.

Australian rules football

Aussie rules football has a lot more in common with rugby than with association football. For one, the ball is oval-shaped, and it can be carried in the players’ hands. Still, they share a common ancestor. Football was a “minor amusement” in Australia in the first half of the 19th century, played only sporadically (whereas cricket was a very popular sport). This is probably the reason why Aussie rules football is usually played on a modified cricket ground. The first Aussie club, the Melbourne Football Club, was born in 1859, and the rules of the sport were sanctioned in the same year. This was perhaps the first major football code, born before that of association football, rugby union, and Gaelic football.


The game of football played at the Rugby School would seem like a fusion of rugby and association football: while the players were allowed to touch the ball with their hands, they were not allowed to run with it in hand toward the opposing goal. Between 1820 and 1830, the innovation allowing running with the ball was introduced, setting the stage for the emergence of what we call Rugby football today. The rules of the game were codified in 1871, soon after the emergence of the FA rules, by the clubs that preferred the Rugby Rules. This led to the emergence of the Rugby Union, and the Rugby League almost 25 years later.

For the latest football news then be sure to subscribe to where we aggregate from the best sources.

The A-League-Explained

The A-League was established by the Football Federation Australia (FFA) in 2005 to succeed the National Soccer League (NSL). This decision was aimed at boosting the quality of football in the region. All traditional Australian football clubs linked to specific ethnic groups participating in the minor state-level leagues without signs of improvement were excluded. As such, the A-league has risen to come closer to Major League Soccer (MLS) than any other standard football association. Today, there are eleven teams that participate in the league, with ten teams from Australia and one from New Zealand. The league is currently referred to as the Hyundai A-League because is it sponsored by the Hyundai Motor Company.

The creation of the A-League brought many positive changes in football, with the most noticeable being football ‘de-ethinicisation’. Many football clubs embraced new brand names like Sydney FC, Melbourne Victory FC (, and Brisbane FC, etc. Besides the development of the clubs, stadiums have also grown to the extent of attracting super stars like Dwight Yorke, Alessandro Del Piero, and many others.

The A-League seasons start in October and end in May and comprises of a 25 round regular season.

The A-League seasons start in October and end in May and comprises of a 25 round regular season. It is followed by a Finals Series playoff where the highest-ranked teams finish with the grand final match. The team that wins in the regular tournament is branded the ‘Premier’ winner while the winning team in the Grand finale is branded the ‘Champions’ of the league. This is different from other renowned football tournaments in Aussie where ‘Premier’ often refers to winning team in the Grand Finale match while the winner in the regular matches is dubbed the ‘Minor Premier.’

All leading A-League clubs qualify to join the continental competition known as the Asian Football Confederation Champions League (ACL) or AFC Champions League’. Since the launch of the first season, there are has been seven winners of the A-League Premiers and six winners of the A-League Champions. Currently, Perth Glory ( is the premier winner while Sydney FC is the 2019 A-League Grand Final.

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