Can Liverpool FC Retain the Premier League?

For the first time in over 30 years Liverpool FC won the English League title, The Premier League. With the new season just several weeks in, many pundits are looking at whether they can retain it and of not who will win.

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Current Team & Transfers

Liverpool FC not only have one of the best attacking 3 in world football with Firmino, Salah and Mane respectively , they have also probably the world’s best defender in Virgil Van Dijk. Add this with new signings, Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich and Jota from Wolves the team looks even stronger.

Whilst Jota has one of the best records in European football, Thiago is a superstar at his peak. Jürgen Klopp has managed to convince the elite player to join the team, under the radars of everyone.

With this addition and none of the main players leaving, Liverpool FC really are in a strong position to retain the league.

Other Teams

Every season there are always several teams that will be touted to be in the race for the title. Based on the previous couple of games, the closest challengers to the title will be Chelsea, Manchester City and possibly Leicester City. The other usual suspects haven’t invested in elite footballers and the squad to compete over the 9 month season.

Manchester City

Some of the players Manchester City have purchased are Ferran Torres (Valencia to Manchester City) £21m and Ruben Dias (Benfica to Man City) £62m. With an already world-class team, Pep Guardiola has been able to strengthen in defense within weeks of the season starting. This intention to have the best team and squad means that The Blues mean business this season.


Frank Lampard has gone from managing Derby County to Chelsea FC and is doing a fantastic job. Many pundits and analysts have identified Chelsea as the team to win this season. The intentions of the board to sign top players is evident with Kai Havertz (Bayer Leverkusen to Chelsea) £71m, Ben Chilwell (Leicester to Chelsea) £45m, Hakim Ziyech (Ajax to Chelsea) £36m and Edouard Mendy (Rennes to Chelsea) £22m. All these players are fantastic additions and will be sure to put them in a strong position to compete with Liverpool FC. More news can be found on our Chelsea news section here.

Leicester City 

Even though Leicester City just missed out on Champions League football after finishing in 5th position, they did have an extremely good campaign. It can be argued that only a downfall of the team after the rebreak is the reason they missed out. This season they are playing fantastic football with their biggest signing, Timothy Castagne (Atalanta to Leicester) £25m.

With over 35 games left in the season, football fans around the world be will be watching how the race for the title unfolds. With Liverpool FC retain it or will one of the teams mentioned above be too strong for Jürgen Klopps’s men, only time will tell.

We at love to hear from our fans, what are your thoughts? Will Liverpool FC retain the Premier League or will another team win?

Aside from the teams we mentioned, who else will put up a solid challenge in the weeks and months ahead?

Could esports become larger than the traditional football game?

The football industry is making a new, more profound connection to esports in ways that could change the shape of both sectors. Since the world of esports has been progressing in recent years, it has become a key focus for many gaming providers and brands. This niche market is on the way to hit over £1 billion in revenue by the end of 2020, so it is no wonder that it’s seen as massive marketing potential.

While esports is considered as a form of sports entertainment taking place in the virtual world, the future might mix the bigger picture as segments from football and esports blend even more.  It is not just growing exponentially as a new independent business, industry or sport, but also accelerating the growth of various established industries such as betting. It provides prospects with the opportunity to capitalise on their favourite pastime activities-watching and playing game-related content.

Definition of esports

Most commonly, esports takes the form of organised multiplayer video game competitions organised between professional players. It typically involves team-based sport with ranked matches. The earliest video game competition took place in 1972 at Stanford University for the game “Spacewar”. The first large scale video game competition was the Space Invaders Championship held by Atari in 1980, attracting more than 10.000 participants across the US and establishing competitive gaming as a mainstream hobby.

Multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) games which pit two teams of five players against each other blend strategy and RPG elements together. Each player controls a single character who can level up, buy new items to get stronger and work with teammates to win the competition. Two of the most popular MOBA games League of Legends and DOTA gained a lot of followers during these years. Today, League of Legends has over 80 million active players in a month.

The popularity of online streaming services has also helped the growth of this industry and are the most common channel to follow these competitions. Twitch, the online streaming platform launched in 2011, continually streams popular esports competitions. Data shows that around 3.8 million streamers broadcasted on Twitch up until February 2020. This streaming platform has been quite popular among other forms of gaming, such as online casino games. There are numbers of established players who stream their game, followed by millions of gaming enthusiasts. Check out the free slots to play for fun at SlotsWise and compare their features, gameplay and design.

Market Overview

Tech and media companies are paying quite attention to esports due to the desirable audience demographics. For example, Amazon purchased Twitch for 1 billion in 2014, while the motion picture exhibitor Cineplex spent $15 million to acquire an esports company and create new gaming league that will take place in their theatres. Its estimated business value is too big to ignore. Football clubs such as Manchester City have started to sign FIFA stars who are virtual gamers rather than real, land-based players. PSG, for example, signed up a whole team of players in several different esports tournaments. Digital gaming is where the next generation of fans come from, and clubs have started to recognise that. Very often, a young person’s first interaction with sports is through the FIFA game. At the same time, it will allow clubs to generate new fans of the brand, including Asian and African markets.

Future of esports

This industry is booming and will definitely gain global traction over the coming years. In the future, there will be well-established career paths in the industry, compared to the past where being a gamer was not even considered as a career choice. Thanks to the great number of both casual and professional players worldwide, esports has an incredibly bright future. It won’t be long until it is recognised as a sports discipline, particularly as the industry and infrastructure matures over time.

The Race To The Premier League Title 2020 / 2021

Even though we are only 2 weeks into the English Premier League, many fans are already excited to see how the season will unfold. The usual teams should be involved in the race for the League title, with or without fans and potentially some surprises. We at have decided to create a list of the potential Champions.

Liverpool F.C.

The current Champions are favourites to retain the League title having dominated last season. Even with a Premier League winning team, the manager Jurgen Klopp has added 2 excellent players in the last week: Diogo Jota from Wolves and Thiago from Bayern Munich, both fantastic talents proven at the top level. With one of the strongest attacking teams in Europe, Liverpool FC will be title contenders.


Manchester City

With Pep Guardiola in charge and one of the best teams in Europe, Manchester City will be sure to be fighting to be Champions in May 2021. The biggest signing of the summer is Spanish International Ferran Torres for an estimated £40 million. With players such as Raheem Sterling, Kevin de Bruyne and Sergio Aguero in the team, they will sure to be contending. We think they are the favourites for the league and will be the team to beat. Every season we recommend a website to visit to put all your football and sports related bets, this season it is the powerplay website.


A surprise for everyone is the transformation of Everton FC. The Peoples’ Club have signed Allan  from Napoli and James Rodrigues from Real Madrid. With Carlo Ancelotti as the  Manager, Everton fans are more confident now than they have been in many seasons. Can they push for the title? We think it is a difficult task considering the squads of the other teams but they have a team that can compete with the best. We will be interested to see where they finish on the final day of the season.


Manchester United

Whilst the Red Devils lost in the first game of the season to Crystal Palace at home, fans will be hoping that this is just a blip in form. The team has some real talent including Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial. If these players can dominate like they have shown then the fans will be hoping to contend with arch rivals Liverpool and Manchester City. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a difficult period coming up with the focus on the league on him, can he produce and get the team winning and competing for the biggest trophies.  If the team is to win the league they will need another leader in defence, if they can get that then this be sure to boost the chances of team. Latest Manchester United news here.


Final Thoughts


The English Premier League as 38 games and goes from September to May with many ups and downs. Whilst fans might not be in the stadiums until 2021 the teams and players understand the magnitude of the games and will be sure to deliver. We look forward to this season more than the previous couple.  Other teams which deserve a mention are Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Leicester City and Arsenal. On paper those teams can all win the league.

What do you think of our list, have we missed anyone or is a team here that has no chance? Leave a comment here on our Facebook page to get the conversation going.

Toughest Player Manager Relations

A lot of people don’t like their bosses; footballers are no different from the rest on this subject. So, there are have been some very well-known and fired up feuds between players and managers all over the football world.

Professional football is a harsh environment to be in; there are lots of pressures to perform, media attention, fans’ expectations and money on the line, plus big egos to handle, it makes it the perfect breeding ground for personality clashes.

These problems between the head coach and a player or team can have a profound effect on the game:

  • Under-performing athletes
  • Inadequate communication between team and manager
  • Directions from the head coach not being followed
  • Negative physiological environment for both team and manager

One small fight can turn a whole season around, especially if it’s between the star player and the head coach, take a look at the most well know and toughest player-manager relations:

David Beckham vs Alex Ferguson

These two started amicable enough as Beckham joined Manchester United, at first the player impressed Ferguson. The feud began Beckham married the ex-spice girl Victoria Adams, and the two started living a very public life which Ferguson did not like.

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At the height of their disagreement, Beckham took a football boot to the head from Ferguson which lead to his eyebrow getting stitched, and a quick deal with Real Madrid to get him out of Ferguson’s command. The two have patched things up since then, thankfully.

Mick McCarthy vs Roy Keane

These two football personalities are known for their toughness, so it figures there would be some tension between them.

The worst came when McCarthy was coaching Keane at the World Cup in 2002; after critiquing Keane at a press conference, the player went on one of his most famous tirades, calling the manager a liar plus other colourful words. Keane was then dismissed from the squad and sent home, never to play for McCarthy again.

Wayne Rooney vs David Moyes

Moyers coached Rooney at Everton, it’s unclear when the bad blood began between the two, but Rooney has said that it played a big part in him leaving the club; allegedly Moyed pushed to get him out to Manchester United.

The footballer also claimed in his autobiography that the manager sold his secrets tabloid publications, further damaging the relationship and affecting Rooney’s private life as well.

Mario Balotelli vs Roberto Mancini

A very complicated relationship because Mancini cared very deeply for his players, especially Balotelli, who he considers talented but reckless. It played like a father-teen son bond, as Mancini tried to discipline and tamper Balotellist attitude and antics.

During the 2012-2013 season, the feud escalated, even more, reaching a peak with a fight on the training ground, the beginning of the end type turning point for their relationship. Mancini and Balotelli had one of the most compelling and unforgettable dynamics in football and played some great games together.

Carlos Tevez vs. Roberto Mancini

Mancini is the only name in to make this list twice, the head coach has faced down some of the most prominent characters in football, and it’s left its mark for sure.

This time against Carlos Tevez when the Argentinian start refused to play for Manchester City in a Champions League match against Bayern Munich in 2011; no one can blame Mancini for deciding Tevez was then “finished” with the City team. Challenging circumstances in the least and outright disrespect at the most.

After all of that Tevez proceed to disappear in Argentina without permission from the team, he came back and moved on to Juventus later.


European Football Leagues Return for New Season

With the major European football leagues about to start soon, fans from across the continent are excited to see the return. We at bring the latest news from all 4 major leagues as well as other worldwide competitions. S

Here are some details of the major European leagues and their respective restart dates:

English Premier League

With Liverpool FC champions for the first time in over 30 years they have not had too long to celebrate an off-season. The games start back 11 September and the race is on for the league title. Can Manchester City sign Lionel Messi and challenge for the Premier League or will Manchester United have enough strength and depth in the team to mount a challenge. The other teams always in contention are Arsenal and Chelsea with others also aiming to compete.

The English Premier League is often labelled the most exciting and this season won’t be any different. Remember for those fans looking for the best place to learn about safe and legal betting for beginners then is a recommended choice.

German Bundesliga

The German football league was the first of the major leagues to restart after the pandemic and paved the way for other leagues to follow suit. The season is set to begin 18 September and once again Bayern Munich will be favourites to retain the league. The other team in contention will be Borussia Dortmund whom will be sure to put pressure on the European Champions.

Spanish La Liga

The Spanish league, La Liga has a return date of 12 September with Real Madrid being the defending champions. The campaign is set to finish 23 May 2021 ready for the European Championships postponed this year. The biggest topic this year is if Lionel Messi leaves FC Barcelona or whether he will extend his contract. All the major clubs in world football are currently keeping tabs on arguably the world’s best player. With so many great players in La Liga they will all be wanting to shine. Many pundits are predicting French world cup winner Antoine Griezmann and Joao Felix to be the standout players. The young 17 year old FC Barcelona sensation Ansu Fati is also ready to contribute much more in this his first solid campaign.

Italian Serie A

Juventus were pushed all the way this year by Lazio and Inter Milan, will they be dominant again with Cristiano Ronaldo in the team? Juventus begin with a home match against Sampdoria starting September 19. This promises to be one of the most competitive Serie A seasons in the several years, Juventus are current champions for 9 years.


Whilst no fans will be initially allowed into any of the stadiums, as the months progress it is expected that governments will allow a small percentage through the turnstile. Many are predicting early 2021 will be when we can expect to see stadiums will fans on seats.

What league are you looking forward to start the most? Who will be the champions across all the major tournaments and will there be any surprises? Leave your comments below, we are always looking for feedback from our readers.

Vincent Tan and Tony Fernandes: Taking a closer look at the EFL Championship’s Malaysian Owners

Football owners are a mysterious bunch, and can swoop in as heroes, saving clubs from the brink of extinction in extreme cases, or total villains, plunging clubs into financial trouble. In the EFL Championship, the demographics of owners are diverse, with Chinese billionaires, American business magnets, and English investors, amongst others, all owning clubs in the same league.

Here, we’ll be taking a look at Malaysian owners in particular, and the two clubs that are owned by Malaysian businessmen: Queens Park Rangers and Cardiff City.

Who are Vincent Tan and Tony Fernandes?

Now, when you think of Malaysian businessmen, the ‘high life’ may come to mind, such as gambling in the Malaysia and dining out in lavish mansions in the Far East eating mouth-wateringly tasty cuisine.

You may imagine that these men (in our case) also run their football clubs in the same stylish, money-oriented, and laid-back fashion, but ownership in the professional game isn’t quite like that…

Vincent Tan is the 51% majority shareholder at Cardiff City FC…


Tan has enjoyed his fair share of highs and lows as Cardiff City owner. He appeared in Wales in 2010, as part of a Malaysian consortium that approached the club with an interest to buy out from the previous owners.

Despite promises to pump large amounts of cash into Cardiff, Tan’s first significant move as Cardiff owner was to completely rebrand the club, changing the ‘Bluebirds’ kit colour of over 100 years from blue to red, as well as introducing a new club crest. As you can imagine, this did not go down particularly well with the Cardiff supporters; yet Tan wasn’t finished there.

After gaining promotion to the Premier League in 2013, Tan once again announced his plans to inject money into the club in order to attract top-tier talent. However, he then suspended Cardiff’s then-Head of Recruitment, Ian Moody, and replaced him with 23-year-old Kazakh Alisher Apsalyamovb, an intern who had apparently been hired to paint walls at the stadium. Apsalyamovby’s visa was later investigated, and he was forced to leave the club within months.

The same season, Tan would criticise the fact that then-Cardiff goalkeeper David Marshall wasn’t scoring many goals. Make of this what you will…

Between Cardiff’s first relegation from the top flight in 2014, and their second promotion in 2018, Tan has been embroiled in racism rows with managers, has changed the club kit back to blue, with the original badge, and has bought shares in three other clubs.

To be fair to the enigmatic Malaysian, he’s enjoyed a fair amount of success at Cardiff, but sadly, it seems like his time at the Cardiff City Stadium will be remembered for his shortcomings, rather than successes.

In 2017, he announced his intentions to sell the club.

Tony Fernandes and his associates currently bankroll Shepherds Bush- based Queens Park Rangers…

Fernandes took control of QPR on August 18th, 2011 following the club’s promotion to the Premier League under then-manager Neil Warnock. He bought out Bernie Ecclestone’s 66% stake in the club and became the majority shareholder as well as Chairman.

Fernandes was best known in Asia for his 2001 purchase of failing government airline Air Asia, before revitalising the airline and turning it into an extremely profitable low-budget carrier. He was actually a West Ham supporter, and tried to purchase a share in the Hammers, but the bid was rejected in in 2011 before he became owner of QPR.

Fernandes’ time in charge of QPR hasn’t been quite as eventful as Vincent Tan’s reign at Cardiff, and the Rs have spent only one year more in the Championship than in the Premier League since he arrived. Despite an average few years in the Championship, QPR are generally financially stable.

Since 2015, Fernandes has been co-chairman with Ruben Gnanalingam.

The club has had some issues with Financial Fair Play in the last few years but considering the fortunes of an increasing number of EFL sides, QPR aren’t doing too badly. Fernandes stepped down as co-chairman in 2018, but remains a minority shareholder in QPR.

EPL Transfer Window: Big Transfer Names in the Offing


pexels-pixabay-46792.jpg The English Premier League transfer window is open, technically immediately after the end of 2019/2020 on 27th July. And now, rumor mills are already grinding. From fans, players, managers to club owners, everyone is boiling with expectations regarding players that will be joining the English top-flight league. With teams are looking to bolster various positions in their squads, we give you a roundup of big names making headlines in the headlines, especially those close to or will most likely join English premier league teams. Meanwhile, you could make use of William Hill Promo Code NJ 2020 to place a wager on your favorite sports.

Jadon Sancho

Borussia Dortmund player, Jadon Sancho is a huge EPL transfer prospect before football resumes on 12th September 2020. However, a report in Germany indicates that Dortmund has rejected an initial offer of £90 million from Manchester United. It is, however, reported that Dortmund is ready to offload Sancho before the transfer window closes in a bid to raise more funds. With a valuation of more than £100m, another report in England states that Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is keen to avoid another dragged out transfer negotiations as was the case with Harry Maguire. With this bet MGM offer, you could place a stake on your favorite soccer games across major leagues.

Ferran Torres

Manchester City is close to signing Valencia Winger Ferran Torres. Reports in Spain indicate that the two teams have reached advanced stages of negotiations with an initial fee of £20.9 having been set. After the departure of Leroy Sane, Manchester city believe Ferran Torres is a long term replacement. In the 2019/2020 season, Torres contributed 4 goals in 34 appearances, which is a great start for the 24-year old. The player made his debut in the 2017/2019 La Liga season.

Kai Havertz

Another La Liga player likely to join EPL is Kai Havertz. Reports in Spain indicate that the player is looking to push a move with Chelsea being the likely destination. While Bayern Leverkusen manager earlier said no bid for the player has been made by the blues, a transfer deal is likely in the offing for a player who wants to play under Chelsea manager Frank Lampard. A major impediment to the deal at the moment is a £90m valuation for the player. There is hope that Chelsea can land the player with a negotiated deal of around £70m. Kai Havertz is an attacking midfielder who scored 12 goals in 30 appearances in the 2019/2019 season. He is among transfer prospects in Mikel Arteta transfer targets.

Philipe Coutinho

Arsenal is leading in the race to sign Barcelona player Philipe Coutinho according to transfer reports in Spain. A potential swoop that includes £9m for the former Liverpool playmaker has been put on the table for negotiations. Several sources of EPL transfer news and rumors indicate that Coutinho wants a premier league return after failing to make an impact in Spain, something that saw him go on a loan spell to Bayern.

Thiago Alcantara

Bayern Munich player, Thiago Alcantara is a wantaway player and Liverpool is said to be in a pole position to land his signature. Bayern Chief has confirmed that the player wants to leave and Liverpool is likely to land his signature.


Most Unpredictable Players to Have Won the Premier League

A close up of a football ball Description automatically generated

A close up of a football ball Description automatically generated

Football is for sure an unpredictable game, and this is what makes it so beautiful. The English Premier League has been accused of being too predictable but there are times it throws up a shocker like with Leicester’s 2015-16 EPL title. Although it is confirmed Liverpool have won the league, premier league special bets are still available here as the battle for relegation and Champions League continues.

Now, every player dreams of listing the premier league trophy, especially when playing for some of the best teams. It goes without saying that some of the greatest players deserve the title. However, legends such as Steven Gerrard, Bobby Moore, Paul Gascoigne, Sir Geoff Hurst and Gary Lineker never savoured the feeling.

Instead, some unlikely players have ended up with the winner’s medal on their necks. Some were plain lucky with no talent to talk of or contribution to their teams.

Here’s a recount of some of the most unpredictable players that ever won the premier league.

Costel Pantilimon Manchester City

It’s likely even the ardent Manchester City fans can’t remember Costel Pantilimon, the towering goalkeeper who was at the club during the 2013-14 season. He was a peripheral player with seven appearances in three seasons but was still lucky to win the premier league.

Pantilimon was to later move to Sunderland, Watford and finally Championship side Nottingham Forest where he’s not even the top choice goalkeeper.

Tom Cleverley at Manchester United

Tom Cleverley stayed at Manchester United for seven years, but while Sir Alex Ferguson rated the player highly, he never cemented his position. This would culminate in several loan spells. He won the title with the red devils in 2013, but his poor quality saw him move to Watford.

Christopher Wreh at Arsenal

When Arsene Wenger started boosting his team during the second charge at Arsenal, he had to choose between Dennis Bergkamp, Ian Wright and Nicolas Anelka. The arrival of Christopher Wreh a Liberian striker was bound to fail, and it did with the title-winning striker eventually sinking to non-League sides such as Buckingham Town and Bishop’s Stortford.

Ritchie De Laet at Leicester

Leicester made it into the football history books with their win in the 2015-16 season. However, while the team worked hard for it, there were some joyriders and Ritchie De Laet who had been at Leicester since 2012 was one. He won the title while on loan at Middlesbrough, and as his poor form continued, he went to Australia and then back to his native Belgium with Royal Antwerp.

Roy Carroll at Manchester United

He may have won the title with Manchester United in the 2002-03 season, but Roy Carrol is best remembered for his fowler against Tottenham. His blunder saw the ball drop across the line but the linesman never saw it.

Alexander Buttner at Manchester United

Manchester United is renowned for some of the greatest football legends. However, some nondescript players have passed through at Old Trafford, and Alexander Buttner fits here.

He struggled to dislodge Patrice Evra at left-back and was lucky to receive a winner’s medal in 2013 due to change in Premier League regulations. He had only made five premier league appearances then and later left for Dynamo Moscow with the arrival of David Moyes.

David May at Manchester United

Another Manchester United player who was lucky to get the winner’s medal was David May during the 1995/1996 and 1996/1997 seasons.  The utility defender stayed at Old Trafford for nine seasons but was only able to pick two winner’s medals due to few appearances.

Luke Chadwick at Manchester United

Like many legends at Old Trafford, Luke Chadwick rose from the club’s famous youth ranks, and there was a lot of hope in the midfielder. However, after featuring 15 times during the title-winning 2000-01 season, expectations dropped, and he ended up in the lower leagues.

Ronnie Wallwork at Manchester United

During the 2000-01 title-winning season, Ronnie Wallwork made 12 league appearances to qualify for the winner’s medal. He only enjoyed four starts, and that tells how Alex Ferguson thought of the player’s quality.

Misfortune seems to have followed Wallwork with a ban for life from football and criminal charges leading to a prison sentence.

Richard Wright at Arsenal

During the title-winning 2001-02 season, Richard Wright made 12 appearances and got a winner’s medal. It was his only season at Arsenal and later moved to Manchester City where he stayed for an entire season without playing a game.

Igors Stepanovs at Arsenal

Whatever the motivation behind signing the Latvian International, it turned out to be a disaster. Stepanovs never made a mark, but his six appearances during the title run in 2001-02 made him a premier league winner.

These are just a few of the worst players to have won the EPL. There are other notable names such as Robbie Slater with Blackburn (1994-95), Jeremie Aliadiere with Arsenal (2003-04), Pascal Cygan at Arsenal  (2003-04), Alexei Smertin at Chelsea (2004-05), Anders Lindegaard with  Manchester United, (2012-13), Darron Gibson at  Manchester United (2010-11) and Kieran Richardson at Manchester United (2006-07).


Who are the Premier League’s assist leaders?

Creating a goal is nearly as valuable as scoring one in modern football. Having a player in the team to cut through defenses is an important attribute all top clubs need. A quick look at the Premier League’s assist leaders table shows just how important a great passer is for a club to challenge for a league title or European qualification place. The chase for European qualification is heating with Wolverhampton Wanderers and Manchester United battling for a Champions League place. Fans of the Premier League can follow the race for the top five according to draftpromocode and get a bet bonus ahead of matchday 33 in the division. As the season ebbs toward to final part of the season, here is a look at the Premier League’s top assist men.

5. Andrew Robertson – 8 assists

Liverpool’s Andrew Robertson is part of the club’s two-headed full-back attack along with Trent Alexander-Arnold. Robertson’s buccaneering style of play pins back opposing teams’ forwards and allows him to put in crosses to Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah, and Sadio Mane to convert into goals. Liverpool travel to Manchester City on matchday 32 and bonuses for new players are available from leading sportsbooks. Football fans can sign up to a new sportsbook and wager on the team they believe will win when Manchester City host Liverpool.

4. Son Heung-min – 9 assists

Tottenham Hotspur forward Son Heung-min is arguably just as important, if not more, to the team than striker Harry Kane. Son has added nine goals to his total of nine assists in 26 league matches. The South Korean has had a hand in 36% of Spurs’ goals in 2019-20. Son’s 2015 transfer from Bayer Leverkusen for £27 million looks like a major coup thanks to the number of goals and assists he has accumulated over the years.

3. Adama Traore – 9 assists

Wolverhampton Wanderers winger Adama Traore has had a break out season in the Premier League. Traore was considered a player with incredible potential for years, but someone who was unable to harvest that ability. He has combined 10 times with Raul Jimenez this season for goals and the duo has Wolves fighting for a first-ever Champions League qualification place. Traore could get a massive transfer in the offseason and try his hand at another club thanks to his play this term.

2. Trent Alexander-Arnold – 12 assists

The right-sided player of Liverpool’s two-headed full-back attack, Alexander-Arnold has tallied a brilliant 12 assists as a defender. It has been claimed Alexander-Arnold will someday be moved into midfield and possibly play as a forward. However, he adds a dynamic element to Liverpool’s play by coming from defence.

1. Kevin De Bruyne – 16 assists

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne has been their brightest star this season in the league. The Cityzens have struggled for consistency in the division which ultimately led to losing out on another Premier League title. The attacking midfielder’s success this campaign has had a lot to do with staying fit. De Bruyne has missed just two league matches due to fitness issues this season after 31 matches. That is an amazing feat considering De Bruyne struggled with knee and thigh problems in recent campaigns.


Chelsea still need to address weakness to challenge for Premier League title

In spite of Chelsea’s improvements under Frank Lampard this season and moving in the right directions, the club have some way to go to return to the top of the Premier League. Chelsea have already made two big transfer signings ahead of next season adding RB Leipzig striker Timo Werner and Ajax playmaker Hakim Ziyech. The club have improved the attack but that isn’t the area in which they really need work. Chelsea are preparing for a big finish to the season with games upcoming versus West Ham and Watford. Blues supporters can sign up with RF365 to get a bet bonus before the games and bet on the team they believe will win.

Where area does Lampard need to address?

Anyone who has seen Chelsea play this season knows the two biggest areas that need upgrades are in defence. Chelsea paid Athletic Bilbao an incredible £72 million for Kepa Arrizabalaga in August 2018. Over the course of two seasons, Chelsea have got inconsistent play and mutiny from the shot-stopper. Kepa’s time at Stamford Bridge now looks up with a move to Valencia on the cards and a potential deal for Everton’s shaky Jordan Pickford in the making. Chelsea will hope to turn around their Champions League last 16 tie with Bayern Munich. Supporters can visit US betting codes to get a bet bonus before wagering on Chelsea’s second leg fixture with Bayern Munich and the team they believe will win.

Central defence is another place that Lampard needs to strengthen. The manager allowed David Luis to leave last season which at the time looked like a mistake. After watching Luiz stumble through a season at the Emirates, allowing the Brazilian to leave was a blessing in disguise.

The duo of Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen has been good at times. However, neither centre-back has a great track record for staying fit. Christensen has played just 17 times in the league after 31 matchdays while Rudiger played only one of Chelsea’s opening 16 matches of the Premier League campaign.

An exciting attack in the making

The area that Lampard doesn’t need any additional strength is the attack. Chelsea have an exciting set of players and have added to it already with Werner and Ziyech. Christian Pulisic is finally fully fit and played brilliant with Mason Mount in support of Olivier Giroud against Manchester City.

Werner’s arrival could make striker Tammy Abraham’s place at Stamford Bridge expendable. Abraham’s place in the team this season only came due to the club’s transfer ban. Lampard had margainlised Giroud in the first half of the campaign, yet the Frenchman has won over the manager due to his hard work and positioning. Abraham’s play against Manchester City showed his Achilles heel which is poor positioning and a work rate that declines as the game wears on.

Chelsea may not be good enough to win the Premier League in 2020-21, but will be a team that pushes the teams at the top of the table for much of the season. There is a lot of promise at Stamford Bridge and the foundation has been built for an exciting future under Lampard.


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