Emery and Sarri Should Embrace FA Cup

As the teams started appearing out of the proverbial hat for the FA Cup for the 3rd Round Draw, you would have forgiven the likes of Unai Emery and Maurizio Sarri for shrugging and returning their attention to seemingly more important matters. Both managers have around seven or eight games to play before they encounter lower league opposition in what will be their first ever FA Cup matches.

The Premier League, of course, has a lot of business to do over the Christmas period, a time which is usually cited as season defining for many teams. On paper, there are four or five clubs in the hunt for the Premier League title – Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs. That’s on paper though; in reality, only Liverpool are in with a chance of catching Pep Guardiola’s men – and even that is unlikely.

City odds-on to retain Premier League title

Don’t be fooled by the sometimes-hyperbolic marketing of sports broadcasters when they talk of title deciders. Consider how the bookmakers have priced up the title race: with less than half the season gone by, the best price you can get on Man City for a second successive title is 2/9 (Coral). Despite being in 3rd place, Chelsea are 50/1 (Unibet). Arsenal and Spurs are 60/1 and 80/1 respectively. For the bookies, the decision has been made.

The FA Cup betting is a totally different matter though. Bookies must weigh up that clubs will balance their needs against the Premier League and European competition. City are still favourites of course, but the odds of 5/1 from 888sport reflect that it won’t be as easy as the league. Chelsea come in at 7/1, with the North London clubs, Spurs an Arsenal, both at a tempting 10/1.

Chelsea and Arsenal are both involved in the Europa League, and certainly doing very well. Emery – seen as a Europa League specialist – will carry the weight of expectation from Arsenal fans. However, this shouldn’t be seen as the only route to rebooting the fortunes of the North London club. Nor should Sarri throw all his eggs in the Europa League basket come spring time.

Handy FA Cup draws for London clubs

Indeed, the FA Cup draw was kind to Chelsea and Arsenal, with the former drawn at home to Nottingham Forest and the latter getting an easy tie away to Blackpool or Solihull. Spurs – who could also do with some silverware under Mauricio Pochettino – also got non-league opposition in the form of Tranmere or Southport.

The point is that each of these three clubs could be in within a few games of an FA Cup final before the knockout phase of the Europa League begins (Spurs’ Champions League fate has not been sorted at the time of writing, but they could easily join Chelsea and Arsenal in Europe’s secondary competition this spring).

In that scenario, the managers are going to have to start prioritising competitions. Of course, Champions League ambitions for the 2019/20 season will come first, so you could see the managers focusing on a Top 4 finish or Europa League Final. But clubs can also feel like they are stuck in some kind of existentialist loop, just doing enough to qualify for the Champions League, failing and repeat.

Sarri and Emery would do well to remember that there is more to English football than European qualification or the Premier League. For contrasting, yet compelling, reasons, the FA Cup might be the perfect way for them to signal their arrival at their new clubs.


Club Manager 2019 – The Ultimate Manager Game

When the year began, no one could have envisaged that anyone other than Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo would win the 2018 Ballon d’Or. I mean the two larger-than-life figures have after all utterly dominated the game over the last ten years; winning a staggering five Ballon d’Or trophies apiece.

Luka Modric has however broken the glass ceiling by winning this year’s edition of the Ballon d’Or, becoming the first player other than Messi or Ronaldo to clinch the award in more than a decade.

Although Luka has managed to claim the award during the Messi-Ronaldo era, deservedly so having had a tremendous run in the UEFA Champions League and subsequent 2018 FIFA World Cup, that does not in any way usher in the end of Messi and Ronaldo—as either of the two will probably still win it in future.

It’s hard becoming a top footballer and even harder to be feted as the best in the game. The numbers grow even slimmer for managers, as very few of them ever get to leave an enduring mark in the game.

That however shouldn’t impede you from collecting an accolade of your own in the sport, as you can experience the full swirl of emotions that comes with being part of a football team by playing Club Manager 2019. Designed to offer the ultimate pick-up-and-play club manager experience, you will oversee a football team as seen through the eyes of a manager.

The game is ideally based on cards and you’ll be required to open card packs in order to further the chances of acquiring better players, items and upgrades for your club. You will be able to play a number of matches such as division matches, competition matches and exhibition matches on a daily basis; with the surety of receiving free manager cash (in-game currency) after every match, even when you lose.

Beginning with a relatively simple team, your primary goal will be to not only manage it, but also inculcate whichever tactical approach that you feel will instill your team’s place in history by securing both league and cup competitions.

Club Manager is such a simple game to master as it has an easily accessible user interface and in-game assistance fitted with notifications meant to guide you throughout the game—not to mention the in-game chatting system to thrillingly keep in touch with friends and other players.

As you grow in stature, you can also elevate the status of your club by increasing the stadium capacity which will in turn generate more financial bonuses for home games, whereas upgrading on the quality of the turf will lower the chances of costly injuries being sustained by indispensable members of your squad.

Quite the convenience is the fact that Club Manager will be made available across all major platforms such as PC (desktop or via browser game) iOS and Android, so you won’t ever feel secluded from any of your friends or other players.

Upon its release, Club Manager will without question be the best football manager game on the planet!


Could we about to see the return of Wenger?

Since departing the Emirates as Arsenal both, those close to Arsene Wenger have said he has a new lease of life, a pep in his step and a fresh enthusiasm for football – however this could be about to change, with the full force of the PSG project reportedly seeking his services.

Arsenal’de Arsene Wenger dönemi bitiyor
“Arsenal’de Arsene Wenger dönemi bitiyor” by spor kolik ( )

A storm has been brewing since Paris coach Thomas Tuchel arrived in the French capital to take over from Unai Emery.

Tuchel and PSG sporting director Antero Henrique are said to be locked in a furious row over the past summer’s transfer activity, rather lack of.

The capital city club are currently flying in Ligue 1, well on track for their sixth league title in the last seven but, with European success is the barometer on which the side marks its progression, Tuchel isn’t happy with recruitment.

In their Champions League defeat to Liverpool at Anfield, a side 9/4 to win the Premier League with William Hill, Tuchel deployed wide-man Angel Di Maria and centre-back Marquinhos in a midfield trio next Adrien Rabiot, perhaps a message to PSG’s hierarchy.

According to reports in France, Wenger has been linked with replacing Henrique as PSG sporting director but moved to a more lofty position closer to Qatari chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi – this would not only overseeing recruitment, but the entire direction of the club.

Wenger hit the ground running in the Premier League, bringing with him new working methods and had a superb eye for a player. However, later in his Arsenal things began to unravel and his coaching seemed to become less effective.

The French manager practically built the Emirates from the pitch onwards, adhering to strict budgets while remaining in the CL. However, with PSG’s budget behind him, not having to worry about day-to-day coaching, this could be the perfect role for the football veteran.

It was the great Neymar – Meunier hails PSG star
“It was the great Neymar – Meunier hails PSG star” by Dickson Dagogo ( )

Wenger has long been thought of as much more than a manager, a football philosopher with his hand on the pulse, anticipating the way football was heading – taking a long term approach that PSG could benefit from.

In their search of European domination, the Parisians have pulled the trigger on big buys like Kylian Mbappe and Neymar, but are now without depth, having to sell players to conform with Financial Fair Play.

In their search of European domination, the Parisians have pulled the trigger on big buys like Kylian Mbappe and Neymar.

Under a potential new regime under Wenger, you would expect him to steady the ship and build slowly, trusting youth and team chemistry above star-power.

PSG might reportedly want Wenger, but does Wenger want to step back into the relentless and ruthless football business so soon after leaving North London?

He seems to be enjoying flying around he world in a sort of football ambassadorial role and is unlikely to step into management, so a move upstairs into the organisational side of things could appeal.

However, PSG just doesn’t seem like the right fit for the 68-year-old. With unrest at Monaco and Leonardo Jardim reportedly on the verge of leaving the Principality club, don’t be surprised if Wenger is linked with a move back to the Stade Louis II, with a board role.

Questionable Endorsements: Are Footballers Playing Fair in the World of Business?

Another year, another scandal involving one of the most famous football players in the world. As you might expect, the subject of the scandal is Zlatan Ibrahimovic, currently playing for the LA Galaxy – the team said to be the retirement home for aging British footballers.

The thing that sparked the latest controversy surrounding the player is Zlatan’s involvement with a betting firm – he didn’t only sign a sponsorship deal with BetHard, becoming the company’s brand ambassador, but he has also bought into it, becoming the co-owner of the Malta-registered company. “I have obviously been intensively courted by betting companies throughout my career, but up until now I have not been presented to anything that has triggered me,” the player told SportsPro Media this March.

“With Bethard, there was something different. It’s a company with Swedish roots, the founders are from my hometown and they are true challengers who really want to do things differently.” There is a lot of controversies surrounding this decision, with the player being criticized by players, regulators, and Sweden’s Gambling Minister alike.

“I have obviously been intensively courted by betting companies throughout my career, but up until now I have not been presented to anything that has triggered me.”

Zlatan is not the first athlete to get involved with a questionable partner. Some of the endorsements we’ve had the chance to see in the past raised just as many eyebrows – yet most of them were on the funnier side.

One of the most interesting examples was the apparent relationship between quality football and dry-cured bacon promoted by former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel. Born and raised in Denmark, Schmeichel obviously chose a business from its home country to become the face of. Apparently, the ad campaign was successful – the original ad involving questionable vocals by the (pretty hungover) goalkeeper resulted in a sequel filmed a decade after the first.

Rush ahead a decade or so, and you’ll stumble upon another well-known player promoting a product that shouldn’t be consumed by athletes – let alone kids, who are the most impressionable audience for sports and ads.

Emmanuel Adebayor is a Togolese professional footballer who played for a series of Premier League clubs, including Arsenal, Man City, and the Spurs. In 2012, though, he entered the playfield for another team – Power Horse. Adebayor didn’t perform as great on the small screen as he did in the playfield – his performance as the face of the energy drink is remembered as weird at best.

The history of professional football is filled with goofy, tone-deaf, and often funny advertising stunts – yet none of them are as controversial as the one involving Zlatan.

12 Things We Miss About Football in the 90’s

Football is the national obsession – and with good reason. We love watching it, talking about it, betting on it and – when we can get our dodgy knee moving – playing it.

But, you know what? There’s plenty of things we miss about the way things used to be (and that’s not just having a better knee). It’s time to don the rose tinted glasses and take a trip down memory lane to celebrate the great things we miss about football in the 1990s.

When foreign imports were new and exciting

The likes of Eden Hazard and Sergio Agüero are still exciting – and there are many great things about the fact that the English Premier League attracts the best and brightest talent from across the world. However, nothing will quite top the novelty that surrounded Bergkamp, Zola, Yeboah and even Jan Age Fjortoft – the exotic and exciting foreign talent fielded by every top tier team in the brave new era of the Premier League.

Old grounds

Shiny new stadiums are all well and good but they lack the rough-and-ready charm of the grounds we knew and loved in the 90s. Highbury, the Old Wembley, Highfield Road, The Dell and Roker Park are all sadly missed in that regard.

Dodgy barnets

This current batch of footballers are just too stylish. While the outrage surrounding Paul Pogba’s haircut from so-called ‘proper football men™’ is laughable, we can’t help but feel nostalgic for the genuinely dodgy barnet of the 90s. Give us a Barry Venison mullet, a Romania 98 bleach or, best of all, a Jason Lee pineapple any day.

Footballers who looked a bit more like us

It wasn’t just the hair we loved about 90s footballers – it was also the fact that they just looked a little bit more like us. Today’s bunch are finely tuned super-athletes capable of physical feats beyond us mere mortals. The 90s, however, gave us Jan Molby and an aged John Wark and Alan Cork. They were almost certainly much fitter than us, but at least they didn’t look it.

When money wasn’t completely everything

It felt like a big deal when Manchester United broke the transfer record to spend £7 million to sign Andy Cole from Newcastle – and an even bigger deal when Newcastle more than doubled that a year later to snap up Alan Shearer from Blackburn. Yet now those numbers seems pretty quaint – and the sort of figures that buy a back up full back for Man City. From transfer fees to ticket prices, it feels as though money has spiralled out of control since then.

Goalkeeper kits

There were some pretty special kits in the 90s – but the brightest, boldest and best were reserved for the goalkeepers. Whether it’s the Newcastle kit sporting the city’s skyline, the Sunderland shirt with a pair of goalkeeping gloves on the front, the Manchester United shirts from 92/93 that resembled impressionist paintings or – best of all – David Seaman’s Euro 96 ‘Refreshers’ shirt – the keeper kits of the 90s were gloriously weird and wonderful.

Football Italia

The super smooth James Richardson sitting outside a café leafing through the Italian papers with an alluring gelato, the goals from George Weah et al and ‘that’ music (goooolazzo), Football Italia set the bar when it came to covering foreign football. Nothing now quite captures the fun of Channel Four’s Italian adventure.

Fantasy Football League

Football Italia wasn’t the only TV show we miss from the 90s, however. David Baddiel and Frank Skinner’s Euro 96 anthem ‘Three Lions’ might have enjoyed a new lease of life this summer as Gareth Southgate’s men marched on to the World Cup semi finals – but their 90s TV show Fantasy Football League deserves similar acclaim. Across three series, the comedians – and Angus ‘Statto’ Loughran – welcomed a series of guests to their sofa in a show that blended the new found love of fantasy football games (which are now, let’s face it, a bit old hat) with a chat show format. Regular skits included Phoenix From The Flames – which saw famous moments recreated – and Jeff Astle Sings – in which the West Brom legend would perform a classic track over the closing credits.

The celebrations

Dele Alli might have caught the eye with that funny celebration that people are struggling to get their head around – but unusual celebrations like that are all too few and far between now. The 90s gave us Klinsmann’s slide, Ravanelli’s ‘shirt over the head’, Gazza’s dentist chair and – best of all – Aylesbury Town’s duck celebration when they made the third round of the FA Cup in 1994. Schools and parks across the country saw these classics routines replicated with joy.

Matt Le Tissier

The Premier League is blessed with an abundance of superstars – and a regular array of breathtaking goals – but that doesn’t mean that we don’t miss the one man highlights reel that was Matt Le Tissier. Sure, there are good strikes most weeks now – but ask yourself how many would make the Saints star’s top goals list and you’ll realise why we look back on ‘Le Tiss’ so fondly.

Mad characters

Le Tiss brought the goals – but there were a host of other players who brought the madness to the party. Eric Cantona (and his infamous kung fu kick at Crystal Palace), Julian Dicks, Vinny Jones, Roy Keane and Duncan Ferguson were the sort of stark raving bonkers characters that we just don’t see any more.

Big clubs

Aston Villa, Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday, Nottingham Forest – we miss you being good.

Our obsession with football shows no signs of abating – and there’s plenty to keep us entertained in the modern day – but there’s little doubt that the 90s had a lot going for it. Football in the 1990s had a glint in its eye and a sense of silliness and humour that the present day could learn a thing or two from.

Start to The Premier League – What has happened

We are already one month into the Premier League season and it has past fast, now with the International break coming it is time to reflect on the winners and losers so far.

The break will come as a much needed rest for managers Jose Mourinho and Manuel Pellegrini but Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri and Watford manager Javier Gracia will probably looking at getting back to action as soon as possible.

The Winners so Far

Teams which are in a winning form normally want to continue that form and not have a break. So whilst the following teams are the winners so far, they will be sure to want to get back started as soon as possible after this break. Find out more about Betstars at the NJ Code website if you want to make your predictions for the upcoming games.


In the first few weeks Maurizio Sarri has taken Chelsea to the top of the Premier League with 4 wins from 4, scoring 10 goals and only conceding 3. The team have set their stall out to be contenders for the title come May. With players such as Willian and Pedro in fine form as well as Hazard and others they will be looking to continue winning when the Premier League starts again.


Another team which has a perfect record and sits number 1 in the league is Juergen Klopp’s Liverpool team. They have have scored 9 goals and only conceded one. Whilst the team has won 4 games, the major attacking force of Firmino, Mane and Salah have not actully hit full form. With this, the Liverpool FC fans will be hoping that once they do start scoring they will become serious contenders for the league.


The biggest surprise to the start of the Premier League season is Watford winning 4 of 4 matches. The biggest win came last week when they beat Tottenham Hotspur after going down 2-0.

Losers So Far

The break has come at a good time for several teams in the Premier League, especially the following two teams.

Manchester United

Jose Mourinho is a manager under pressure to win games and with the team sitting in 10th position winning 2 and losing 2 games. The biggest disappointment was probably not the defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion 3-1 it was the manner they lost 3-0 at home in Manchester to Tottenham Hotspur. This break will give the players and team time to reassess how they go ahead to compete with the top team.

West Ham United

The biggest losers to the first 4 games are London team West Ham United, losing 4 consecutive games sitting bottom having only scored 2 goals. The team have been beaten to Liverpool, Bournemouth, Arsenal and Wolves to start the campaign. The biggest surprise is that the hammers invested heavily in the transfer period over summer and have yet to win to a game.

England vs Switzerland Preview

England will be hoping for an improved performance when they face Switzerland at the King Power Stadium in Leicester tomorrow evening. England were beaten 2-1 in the Nations League by Spain.

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli has been withdrawn from the England squad for with a minor muscle strain which was picked up in Saturday’s game. Spurs fans will be hopeful of a full recovery in time for their Premier League match against Liverpool FC this weekend. Fanduel sportsbook offers a great deal for new customers to the website.

Normally players receive treatment by the FA Medical staff but Alli has returned to his club team.

Another absentee for the England team is Manchester United’s Luke Shaw. The record signing left back suffered concussion as he collided with Spanish player Dani Carvajal. Luke Shaw has also returned back to team as he aims to recover.

Kick it Out Anniversary

The friendly against Switzerland will be broadcast in black and white for the first 25 seconds of the game to honour Kick It Out’s 25th anniversary. The picture will go without colour and will be broadcast the same around the world. Fans in the UK and Ireland can watch the game on Sky Sports.

“black and white showing a powerful reminder of how far football has come”.

A spokesman for the English FA stated the reason behind this is to underline the “importance of diversity”.

The Kick It Out chair Lord Herman Ouseley said he hoped it will be a “powerful reminder of how far football has come”.

All England players will show their support by warming up in Kick it Out-branded T-shirts and will enter the pitch alongside eight mascots nominated by the organisation.

Kick It Out have been a catalyst for the change in English football both on and off the pitch and we’re delighted to celebrate their inspirational work 

The FA’s Inclusion Advisory Board chairman released a statement stating that  “Kick It Out have been a catalyst for the change in English football both on and off the pitch and we’re delighted to celebrate their inspirational work in promoting football for all. Hopefully the footage will encourage the millions of viewers at home to spend at least 25 seconds thinking about the importance of diversity in this beautiful game of ours.”

Whilst tickets are still on sale for the game, fans are expected to make the game a sell-out crowd. England reached the semi-final of the World Cup this summer and will be keen to continue their fine form.

Is Betting On The Premier League a Good Idea?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the betting world. This game has proudly taken the biggest slice of the betting pie and especially the English Premier League. It is not just as easy as predicting which teams will bring trophies home. At Sbobet, you can place bets on teams’ fate and make money.

There are many people out there trying their hand on the betting arena and no sure how to go about it. Soccer betting is no longer confined to few people; it has taken over the world. Every season, betting sites rake in millions and millions of pounds. If you think betting on the Premier League is not a good idea, then nothing is good enough.

How do you make a winning bet?

Winning soccer bets is not easy, but it’s possible and happens every day. However, there is also a huger percent of betters who lose every season and still do not give up. Betting on the English Premier leagues comes with challenges and pitfalls. If you are not sure you want to bet, stay away because it’s not for the halfhearted. Though you will get betting tips and opinions based on different teams’ performance, you are never guaranteed a 100%.

Learn the basics

Every person who places a bet wants to be among the 20% who win big money. The first step towards achieving this is learning the basics of betting. It will help you build up and know what risks to take and avoid those that can ruin you financially. Sbobet is one of the different betting sites to help you sharpen your skills in betting. They provide you with plenty of tips and information to help you know the best teams. But, betting has no perfect prediction, you must be discerning. Use common sense at all times and you should follow the leads you get through your background research.

Choose the right betting site

Placing bets on the English Premiere League is fruitful for both beginners and pros. However, bet with people who are not very experienced if you are a newbie. Some sites put you against seasoned betters; stay away from the big league until you have gained enough experience.

Find a bookmarker

A bookmarker will help as you start your betting career. Check their betting style and choose the one that suits you best. Before you agree with their terms and conditions, read the fine print. This will ensure that you are not forced or compromised in any situation. The sports bookmarker must also be from a reputable and well known company. Before you choose the bookmarker, read reviews and go for the one rated highly.

Sbobet makes English Premiere League bets are promising, but just like all other sport bets; there is always a chance of losing. Research and read widely before you place one. EPL is full of surprises, you never which teams will end up dominating this season. It is fun and with betting, it’s more exciting.


Footballs going broke? The top 10 Premier League clubs with the most debt

premier league

Fresh from a glorious World Cup and a frenetic transfer window, the Premier League returned last weekend to the joy of the football loving public who had to go a whole four weeks without any competitive matches to watch.

The start of a new season is a time for clubs to showcase their big money signings and justify why these athletes are worth the money splashed out on them.

This transfer window was an expensive one with over £1bn spent in total. Liverpool topped the table in terms of transfer expenditure, parting with £177m across the summer, Chelsea were the second biggest spenders with £128m followed surprisingly by newly promoted Fulham who spent £105.3m.

Liverpool topped the table in terms of transfer expenditure, parting with £177m across the summer, Chelsea were the second biggest spenders with £128m

These kind of spending sprees can give club accountants a bit of a headache, and it’s no surprise that the majority of Premier League teams are in a substantial amount of debt.

A new tool created by Know Your Money has revealed the debts of the Premier Leagues clubs and allows you to compare your postcodes debts against them.

So which teams could do with a bit of a spending freeze?

  1. Arsenal – £227m
  2. Brighton & Hove Albion – £207m
  3. Tottenham Hotspur – £
  4. Manchester United – £503m185m
  5. Liverpool – £182m
  6. Newcastle United – £129m
  7. Cardiff City – £127m
  8. Everton – £104m
  9. West Ham United – £89m
  10. Manchester City – £66m


So how does your postcode stack up to the spending of the Premier League? Take a look at the tool below and see where you come in the table!

Why English Football Is Growing Financially

Every product needs to provide value to its customers which will make them come back for more. For the English premier league, their customers are the over 750 million people watching the most bankable league in the world in over 200 countries.

How did they get away from posing operating losses ten years ago, to have every team in the premier raising operating profit in 2018?

Football finance is managed judiciously by professionals who understand the market of balancing wages and revenue. For the first time in a long while, the wage/revenue ratio dropped to 55 percent as the premier league recorded a £4.5 billion income in the just-concluded season.

According to Deloitte, the five big leagues in Europe which are; France, England, Spain, Italy, and Germany are all worth £12.5 billion in the market. The English premier league made more money than the rest of the big five by posting 86% increase over its nearest rivals La Liga.

The European football market is worth €25 billion, but it didn’t just happen. After several years of marketing European leagues at home and across the world, experts have found a leading theory and fact why the English league is growing financially from strength to strength.

According to Deloitte, the five big leagues in Europe which are; France, England, Spain, Italy, and Germany are all worth £12.5 billion in the market.

UEFA fair play rule

The financial fair play rules adopted by UEFA in 2010 have gone a long way in making sure football clubs don’t accumulate debt. Going by the statue of the same body, it recognizes that clubs have a primary duty to their employees, other clubs, tax and creditors of the club.

For that reason, clubs have tried in the 7-8 years of its implementation, to balance their books. Failure to do so might result in a punishment like deduction of points, ban on transfer activity for a specified period, withholding of revenue for the team in Uefa competitions and many more.

Fair play measures have made clubs more financially disciplined, and this had impacted the English premier league.

Increase in broadcasting rights

The open bidding currently been expressed in the premier league have caused the broadcasting rights for premier league matches to cost more than other leagues.

Skysport, Bt sports, and some other media companies that indicated interest made the 2019 deal signed much lesser than what was approved in 2015. It means that currently, premier league teams earn more from the TV right deal in 2015 that was said to be ‘overpriced’ than what it will receive in 2019.

It has all contributed to why premier league teams are growing in operating profit than other places in Europe.

Shirt sponsorship

English clubs are known for their substantial sponsorship deals with brands both in and around the UK. As an international brand, it’s no surprise why Chevrolet an American company pays £40 million for the shirt sponsorship of Manchester United. The same amount can almost be seen for the Liverpool deal, as well as Yokohama a Japanese company sponsoring Chelsea football club of London jerseys.

If we combine that amount with the amount of money coming from ticket sales and memorabilia, it no surprise why football in the UK is bankable and Cashfloat gives loan to the people who require money in a career of football.

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