5 Surprise Premier League Teams That Can Win the League Next Year


Ever since Leicester City won the Premier League title last season it’s obvious anything can happen in football, and with a few teams looking like much better performers this season there are several sides that can win it in 2018. The 2016/2017 Premier League season is more than halfway through and it will come to its end in May 2017, with Chelsea more than likely being crowned champions, but what teams can spring a surprise next season?


Everton look like different opposition under Ronald Koeman and even though they are too far off even finishing in the top 4 this season, they could be the surprise package to watch out for next season. They have bought in a few additions this season and if Romelu Lakaku is on form again next year he could be the one that takes Everton to Premier League glory.


Tottenham have been a bit unlucky this season in the sense Chelsea are on fine form otherwise they would have been the team to beat, but if Tottenham fire again like they have this season they could win the league next year for the first time in over 55 years. They have some great youth players that are still learning the game and if they can keep hold of the likes of Harry Kane then they will have a much better chance and could end up as champions.


Liverpool will obviously be up there again next season and could surprise us all with some attacking football under Klopp. One problem they have had this season is defensive issues and if they can iron that out of their game there is no reason why they won’t have a good chance next year.

Manchester United


If Manchester United won the Premier League next season it wouldn’t be a huge shock to the system as they have done it many times before, but as they haven’t won the league since Sir Alex Ferguson left in 2013 they could be the team to look out for next season, especially if they spend even more money on a few additions. United clearly have a good defence, but it’s obvious they are missing that one player that can take them to the next level and if they can get him in the summer, there’s no reason why they won’t have the squad capable of winning the league.


One team that currently look like they don’t have it in them when it comes to winning the Premier League is Southampton, but when you look back at last season when Leicester won the league it just goes to show anything can happen. Southampton have been a team in recent years that are hard to beat and they have finished in the top half of the table most seasons they have been in the Premier League in recent years, and they could certainly be the team to beat next season if they take advantage of their amazing youth academy instead of offloading special talents to the likes of Liverpool.

Teams like Chelsea could win it again but everyone knows it’s hard for champions to retain their title the season after. The likes of Arsenal and Manchester City are obvious candidates to lift the trophy next season as well so we could be in for a thriller come May 2018. As ever, if you are looking to put your bets on for the next season you can find all Premier League betting odds at William Hill website for the best odds guaranteed.